Pain. The poem.
Pain. The poem. depression stories

fabio Just writing without reason
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Something about depression. To anyone who can relate, I really hope you the best, and keep strong

Pain. The poem.

Pain fills my head It feels I’ll never thrive How can I feel so dead Yet still be so alive

I’m regretting the past I think of the days Time doesn’t fly fast In my souls it stays

Will I ever find love Have I lost hope forever It seems by god above It’s a lifelong endeavor

As the pain sets within Contemplating sin The doubt always wins

The more I try To be a better guy And not want to die

How the world isn’t fair With nobody to care That I live in despair With depression to share

But maybe when I’m older I’ll live in a better place I’ll try to be bolder With a smile on my face

But it seems so far away And by god I pray Can there ever be a day When the sky isn’t grey

I just wish it was true That my life’s not in vain If only I knew What’s wrong with my brain And just what to do... With pain

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