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fabbo harvesting words here and there
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Too much cynicism. I protest.

Hang tough

It seems to me that these very days people have become so stiff and gray No matter how hard you're trying your best it's likely you'll gain a new pain in your chest

They tear you and beat you for fun or from habit they judge you, they smear you, they don't give you credit How come being mean has become the new fashion? Did everyone drink some kind of hate potion?

Things get bewildering and just out of hand when even your loved ones, when even your friends keep telling you: "Hey, you know how it goes... ...you gotta be tough and hard as a stone

You gotta be harsh, don't give 'em a break you'll see that this way they won't even fake I know it is no good, but what one can do? It's either you eat me or else I'll eat you!"

No way, I won't stand it, there must be a choice a lot of nice things can be born through your voice You can be kind and sweet without being a fool help and care without turning into somebody's tool

You'll get hurt in the future, that's one thing for sure wonder what is the purpose for this pain to endure but you can still be yourself and nobody should say that you're either of steel or made out of thin clay.

Just be careful out there, when push comes to shove but never give up on your smile and your love.

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