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f_scrittrice Community member
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Inborn Resiliency

Middle of the night and the music of silence clouded slowly,

No one is around, it`s just him.

Lying his back in bed, staring at the ceiling blankly,

Thoughts came rushing inside his head unexpectedly.

Different scenes crosses his mind,

Don`t know if he would just ignore it or what?

There are so many `what ifs` running inside,

Even the diagram of the comparison and contrast will not understand.

A night full of shed tears,

Trying the to make it shut, none should be shown

For tears is a word

When mouth can't talk

Emotions keep coming

As he continue to overcome the downfall

Misery, disappointments and anxiety

Flows like a strong current in the river

Things went wrong if decided wrong

Decision would be light if its right

Same goes when we`re alone

We just needed a peaceful and silent place for a word.

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