Wrong Floor (4) |BTS x Reader|
                     Wrong Floor (4) 

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"Jung Hoseok, pleased to meet you!" The boy smiled but you could tell he was hiding how he truly felt.

Wrong Floor (4) |BTS x Reader|

Y/N woke up to see someone with red hair sitting beside her, watching her carefully. When she woke, his eyes looked directly into hers and a soft smile spread across his face.

For some reason, she felt relief.

"Are you alright? I tried to tend to your leg but.." The man looked doubtful as he spoke towards her. He shakes his head, "What's your name?"

Something about this man looked familiar. Something about this man upset her deeply.

"Ahn Y/N," She tried to sit up but failed so the man with red hair grabbed her torso, leaning her on his shoulder and side to keep her up, "Thank you. What's your name?"

"Jung Hoseok, pleased to meet you!" The boy smiled but you could tell he was hiding how he truly felt.

And then that name clicked in her head.

Jung Hoseok and Park Jimin, step brothers that went missing nearly twenty years ago. They were the whole reason this motel was shut down to begin with.

They were claimed to have gone missing here.

Then the boy with pink hair came across her mind and she came to the realization of who he actually was; Park Jimin.

Then it dawned of her that this boy was in this mess due to trying to find his lost brother and now, thanks to Y/N, she had gotten him killed.

No, she wasn't a murderer, but she left that poor boy alone, even after he begged her, even after she knew something wasn't right with the situation.

She couldn't begin to fathom then being stuck down here for over twenty years. How long was it for them? Did they think it had only been a few minutes? A few hours? A few days?

"How long have you been down here?" Y/N whispered.

Hoseok smiled and ruffled his hair, "Probably four hours," He then looks at her, "You?" He then stopped and narrowed his eyes, "Wait, why are you even down here?"

Y/N stops and remembers why her, Namjoon, and Jin came to this motel in the first place. They love to crackle codes and figure out mysteries.

And the "Vanishment of The Step Brothers" was on their to-do list this year.

And it seems that they've come to the right place; for here was Hoseok, the oldest brother. And Y/N already knows what happened to the youngest.

Her body shivers as a cold chill goes all the way down her spine. Something blogger than fear washes over her at that very moment.

For these Step-Brothers are more than what people could ever bargain for.

Hoseok and Jimin are known for many things. Such as playing pranks on people to even tricking people into doing things they didn't want to do. Hoseok is much worse than Jimin.

Jimin is prone to be the kindest, most warm-hearted of the two. He had empathy and sympathy and could feel things that his older brother couldn't.

Hoseok is a true manipulator at heart.

Y/N then felt her body heat start to rise. Something was hidden in his eyes - and also his pocket. Y/N saw Jin's handkerchief in his front right pocket.

She then let her face fall as she noticed something else about him. He wore a jacket, but, at the wrist, it was pushed slightly upwards, revealing skin.

Black skin.

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