The Dark MatteR |Original Story #1, Part #1|
              The Dark MatteR 

     |Original Story #1, Part #1| origialstory stories

f_priestly "Embrace reality, even if it burns you."
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"I was ordered to tell you this, it's not like I actually wanted you jackasses with me," Colby's gaze flattened, "Blake had specific instructions to-"

The Dark MatteR |Original Story #1, Part #1|

"Thank you for coming to the secret meeting of DMR and we are glad that you were able to make it today," Colby spoke in a deep, husky voice that echoed throughout the submarine, "Today, the topics which we're speaking on is-"

"Are we done yet?" Justin spoke up from where he sat in the meeting room, "And why is this meeting supposed to be secretive if there's only three of us on this damn sub?"

James coughed, "You woke me up for this?"

"I was ordered to tell you this, it's not like I actually wanted you jackasses with me," Colby's gaze flattened, "Blake had specific instructions to-"

"Fuck him," Justin yawned, "I agree with James, this is kinda dumb. It is 2:05 am in the damn morning. I need some fucking sleep. Plus, why doesn't Blake just show up like a man and tell us who he is? We've worked under his order for years and he has never shown himself."

Colby took in a deep breath, "Fuck my life," he whispers first and then speaks up, "Can't you two idiots listen for a few fucking minutes? Blake will be very upset if we don't get this-"

"If this Blake wants this done, he'll tell us himself," Justin narrowed his eyes, "Little boy."

"I'm sorry, but I can't hear you from up here, jackass," Colby's voice shifted completely, "Last time I checked, you're the one who is five foot eight," he coughs, "Now, down to business-"

"Sleep." James cut in again.

Colby sighed, letting his head fall down as he shook it in disapproval, "Does your fat ass do anything besides sleep?" He narrowed his eyes as he looked James straight in the face.

"Nope." James snorted.

Justin then smiles, "Colby, man, none of us here like you so just run back home and finish school while we do the real jobs."

"I graduated from college when I was four," Colby spoke briskly.

"I slept through college," James yawns.

Justin raised his hands, "No wonder you let yourself go," He laughs, "Hibernation packs on the damn weight."

Colby goes quiet.

"As if you have room to talk, you son of a bitch," James stood up so fast he knocked his chair down.

"Are you really going to pick a fight with me, Mr. Piggy? I played football for four years, I doubt you want a taste of this." Justin countered.

Colby got tired of the fuss and left the room quietly, taking all of his papers along with him. However, he left his remote on the table.

Justin then started to walk around the table but laid his hand on the remote, clicking a button that caused ten different faces to pop up on the screen. James turned his head, mouth agape.

Justin just stopped.

"Uh, Colby?"

Colby, a few seconds later, entered the room, a smile on his face, "I knew you jackasses wouldn't last long without me here," He then pointed, "And here are our contestants for the trials of DMR."

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