Stalking The Stalker |Kim Namjoon, Imagine #2, Part 1|
            Stalking The Stalker

|Kim Namjoon,
                            Imagine #2, Part 1| bts stories

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'Namjoon, there is no baby in the stroller.'

Stalking The Stalker |Kim Namjoon, Imagine #2, Part 1|

Y/N: Namjoon, are you up? Joonie: Now I am. Y/N: Sorry for waking you. Joonie: Don't be. What's up? Y/N: I hear a baby crying outside.

Joonie: You what? Y/N: A baby is crying right outside of my window. Joonie: It's the middle of the night. I assure you you are just hearing things. Go back to bed, babe. Y/N: No, it woke me. It is real, Joon.

Joonie: If a baby is out there then go get it and check on it. Call the police. Don't just let it cry. Y/N: Would you get it? Joonie: Of course, you paranoid child. The baby is probably cold. Y/N: I am not paranoid.

Joonie: Then go get the baby. Y/N: Why would a baby be right outside my window in the middle of the night? Joonie: I don't know, Y/N. Y/N: That means some freak is out there. They left it there.

Joonie: Why would someone leave their baby outside in the middle of the night at your window of all windows? Y/N: To lure me out and kill me. Joonie: Get the damn baby. Y/N: I can't go out there!

Joonie: Would you rather wake up tomorrow and go outside to see a frozen baby that has died because YOU didn't help it the night before? I doubt it. Y/N: Namjoon, think with me. No person would leave their baby outside of a window. Joonie: Of course not.

Y/N: That means it was left there as a trap to get to me. Joonie: If you don't stop acting paranoid and go get that baby, I will come over tomorrow and make it to where you can never have children. Y/N: That is no way for a fiancee to treat his woman.

Joonie: Perhaps not, but you need to buck up and help that child. I would if I weren't on this damn meeting trip. Y/N: I suppose you would. Joonie: Is the poor thing still crying? Y/N: Yes.

Joonie: GO GET THE DAMN THING!! Y/N: Fine, fine. Y/N: Namjoon, I am looking out the door and I see a stroller. Just a stroller facing away from me. Namjoon: Go to the stroller and fetch the baby. It's cold tonight.

Y/N: Namjoon, there's no baby in the stroller. Joonie: What the fuck do you mean? Y/N: There is a tape recorder in the stroller but there isn't a baby. Joonie: Seriously, Y/N, what are you on right now? Get the baby.

Y/N: You don't believe me? Joonie: Ok, ok, I do believe you. I do and I can promise you that. Do you see anyone out there? Y/N: Not at the moment, no. Joonie: Is the tape recorder still making the baby noises?

Y/N: It stopped when I picked it up. Joonie: Get inside. Grab my gun. Y/N: What the hell do you mean by that? I can't shoot that damn thing. Remember the time I almost shot you? Joonie: Sadly I do. Just do as I say.

Y/N: I locked the door and I have a gun. All the windows are locked and nobody came inside. I checked. What do I do? Joonie: You still don't see anyone? Is the stroller still there? And the tape recorder? Y/N: It is still there and I put it back. No one is in my sight.

Joonie: Call the police right now. Y/N: Why would I need to call the police? Now you're the one acting all paranoid. Joonie: Just call the damn police. Joonie: Y/N? Are you there? Why aren't you answering me.

Y/N: I see someone at the stroller. Joonie: What does he look like, babe? Y/N: He's fat and in a diaper. He has no hair, anywhere on his body. He seems to have a knife in his hand along with the recorder. Joonie: Call the police. Now.

Y/N: Did he intend to kill me? Joonie: Y/N, call the police. Joonie: RIGHT NOW. Y/N: He is leaving, with the stroller. I'm going to follow him. I can hear the stroller creaking. I think it is an old antique.

Joonie: Why the fuck are you stalking the stalker and not calling the police as I told you to? Joonie: Dammit, Y/N. If you don't call the fucking police I will. Y/N: Wait a minute! He stopped in the park. He's just standing there. I think he is sucking on his thumb?

Joonie: What park are you at? Y/N: Belvoir Park. Joonie: Good. That is right by the police station. call them and tell them your coordinates and what is happening to you. Y/N: Namjoon, I lost him.

Joonie: What do you mean? Y/N: I can't see him anymore and the stroller was left in the park. I think he took the recorder with him. I don't hear anything now. Joonie: Dammit. I am calling the police. Y/N: You might not want to do that.

Joonie: What the hell do you mean? Joonie: Y/N, why aren't you answering me AGAIN? It is not the time to venture around by yourself in this fucking situation. Why can't I call the police? Y/N: He is standing by the employee only entrance. Under the light. A briefcase in his hands.

Joonie: The diaper man? And what employee-only entrance? Y/N: Yes. Joonie: That doesn't answer my second question, Y/N. Joonie: Fuck it, I am calling the police right now.

Y/N: We can't call the police. He just changed into a uniform. Joonie: Y/N, what uniform? Y/N: He just went in the door. Namjoon, we can't call the police. Joonie: Tell me what is happening.

Y/N: He's gone. Joonie: I got that fucking checked. What uniform did he put on, what door did he go into? I will NOT ask again or I am calling the police. And that is final. Y/N: He changed into his duty uniform. He walked into the police station, to be on shift.

Joonie: Are you saying he is a police officer? Y/N: I see him again, coming out the main door straight back at the park. He looks angry. Joonie: Is he a police officer? Y/N: Shit.

Y/N: Yes, he is. But I can't see his face due to the lighting. He is avoiding the lamps on purpose and won't look at anything that could show his features. Joonie: He is avoiding all lighting on purpose? Y/N: Yes. Why would he be doing that in the middle of the night?

Joonie: Get out of there. Now. You can't risk him seeing you there. Y/N: Namjoon. Y/N: We have a serious problem. Joonie: What are you talking about now? Is someone else there? Did something happen again?

Y/N: No. He stopped by the stroller, putting the tape recorder in his pocket. He is currently wiping away his fingerprints. Joonie: Take pictures. And be sure to turn your flash off. You don't need to risk being seen. Y/N: I took a picture and a video to get every detail.

Joonie: Does he see you? Y/N: No, but he turned around. He is looking around. I think he is trying to see if anyone noticed him. He looks pissed. Joonie: Are you recording still? Y/N: Yes.

Joonie: What are you getting? Y/N: Shadows and his body outline. But I am zooming in on his name. Maybe they can figure out who he is with their photo technology. Joonie: Godo thinking. Now, get out of there. But keep your eyes on him. Don't lose sight of him.

Joonie: Are you away from him? Y/N: Remember how you said we can't risk him seeing me? And to not look away from him? Joonie: Yes, I do. What is going on? Are you away from him now? Y/N: He sees me.

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