Neighbors (Re-Posting) |Jeon Jungkook, Part 16|
        Neighbors (Re-Posting)

        |Jeon Jungkook, Part 16| jeonjungkook stories

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Y/N sat at the bar where Taehyung was seated, "Making your friends breakfast." She then grabbed a book that was on the counter and opened it, starting to read it.

Neighbors (Re-Posting) |Jeon Jungkook, Part 16|

Y/N skipped school the rest of the week and stayed locked up in the spare room that was now hers. She was home alone now, and it was the middle of the day.

Y/N wore Jungkook's robe as she walked out onto the porch of the house. She wore black boots, skinny jeans, and a black tank top. She also wore a heavy jacket Jungkook had let her have of his.

It smelled like him. She had been feeling cold so Jungkook made sure she had plenty of layers before he left the house every morning.

Jungkook had also bought her the newest phone since she didn't have one. He wanted her to be able to keep in contact with him as well as keeping herself busy when she was home alone.

She took out the phone as she sat down on the steps and put in the airless earbuds he got her and she put music on. Her favorite song started to play in her ears; she looped it.

Y/N leaned her head against the porch railing as a car pulled into the driveway; a gucci symbol painted on the driver side door. Taehyung stepped out of the car, not closing the door.

He then turned to look at her, something hidden in his eyes. They hadn't seen one another since the night of the club incident.

Y/N stopped the music and put her phone away as she slowly stood to her feet. Taehyung was alone in the car and she could smell his scent from where she stood feet away from the young man.

She didn't know what to say to her. From what she knew, she was still with him.

Taehyung stepped to the front of his car, the door closing. He then stopped at the front of his car and looked at her, not saying a single word.

Y/N bowed as she stepped back onto the porch fully, opening the front door wide open. She just stood there, looking at the floor.

She then saw Gucci slides walk past her and into the house. She looked up to see Taehyung wearing white jogging pants and a red Gucci jacket. She couldn't see his shirt.

He stopped in the middle of the front room, looking back at her. She then walked in, letting the door close. She walked right into the kitchen, Taehyung following her.

Once she stood at the bar, she took the robe and jacket off, laying them on a barstool as she walked around the counter. Taehyung did the same, a white shirt came into Y/N's view.

It was a simple shirt that had no value like everything else the rich boy owned. He laid his jacket where Y/N had put hers. He then sat down at the counter, turning to face her.

Y/N walked to the fridge, opening it and taking out a beer and a water. She sat the beer in front of him, having to lean over the counter to give it to him.

He took it and opened it, taking a drink from the cold container. She shut the fridge door as she put her water bottle on the counter, not drinking from it. She simply looked at Taehyung.

He sat the beer down, noticing she was staring at him. He then wiped his mouth with a napkin.

Y/N then looked away, "W-Why are you here?" She turned around, facing the sink, putting her hands on the counter. She didn't cry, she couldn't cry.

Her heart wasn't pounding and she felt fine, except for anxiety.

"I'd never be with a girl like Jennie Kim," Taehyung's voice was louder than her own and he asserted his dominance with every word, "I only like one person."

Y/N then turned around to see him staring right at her. Her breath hitched.

"I know I fucked up by picking her up at that club, but she was drunk and men were going to take advantage of her. I couldn't just leave her there," Taehyung didn't seem to be sorry for his actions, he simply wanted to explain the circumstances he was in, "Wouldn't you do the same for someone you knew?" He raised an eyebrow at her as he drank more of the beer she gave him.

The first person who came into her mind was Jungkook and her heart let her understand his words. She'd do the exact same thing for the boy she was in love with.

She then looked at Taehyung, nodding. He seemed to understand her completely. He seemed to know how to always make her agree and say yes to him. Like she was under a spell.

Y/N had no clue how she completely felt about the prince sitting in front of her at Jungkook's and Hoseok's bar; she just knew he was something different.

He had his own mysteries she wanted to solve and his own melody she wanted to sing along to. But not as bad as Jungkook's. However, she let that go, throwing it to the back of her head.

Jungkook would never like her like that.

Taehyung sighed, gripping the empty beer can in his hand. He squished it, making the walls cave in. He then threw it in the trash can perfectly across the room.

He then leaned forward, "Are you still mad at me now?" His raspy voice grew low.

"I..." She paused and shook her head, "I was never mad at you." She flushed red, remembering what had happened in the bathroom, "I was simply embarrassed by you pulling me out the tub." She looked away as she walked back to the fridge, pulling out eggs, flour, and milk.

Taehyung sighed, "I'm sorry I did that," He paused, What are you doing?" He pointed at the ingredients she sat on the counter. She raised up, a frying pan in her hand. He tilted his head.

"Want pancakes?" Y/N smiled at him, a spatula in her hand.

He laughed to himself and crossed his arms, "You can cook?" He then watched her carefully as she got a measuring cup and measured everything, pouring some of the freshly made batter in the frying pan. She turned the stove on high.

He leaned back as she turned towards him.

"Come here." She spoke softly to him.

Taehyung stood up and walked over to her, taking the spatula from her hand when she handed it to him, "I am supposed to do what with this?" He seemed completely and utterly confused on what she was doing. The pancake batter in the frying pan started to make the room smell like a bakery.

Y/N sat at the bar where Taehyung was seated, "Making your friends breakfast." She then grabbed a book that was on the counter and opened it, starting to read it.

Taehyung smiled and nodded turning to face the stove.

He watched the batter carefully, turning the stove down as he flipped the pancake every now and then, "Grab condiments?" He spoke as he gave her a slight smile.

Y/N stood up, walking to the cabinet, opening it and squatting down to the very bottom. She then grabbed a bag of blueberries, chocolate chips, pecan syrup, and dried bananas.

She put them all on the counter and sat back down as she opened every small bag.

Taehyung grabbed a few plates and put two pancakes in one, giving it to Y/N. She took the syrup and coated them, putting chocolate and blueberries on the top.

She nodded to herself, putting the phone at Hoseok's spot at the bar. The next two she put bananas and pecan syrup and slid it to Jungkook's spot at the bar.

Taehyung turned with the last four pancakes, giving them to Y/N on two different plates. He grabbed the utensils and put them in the dishwasher, starting it on a high cycle.

He then washed his hands, standing across the bar from where she sat in her stool.

She gave him the condiments and his two pancakes after lathering hers in syrup and chocolate. The bits were melting and the sweet smell filled her nose.

Taehyung made his the exact same way Y/N made hers. He then grabbed four forks, putting one at each plate. Him nor Y/N started to eat, they simply waited.

Hoseok's car had just pulled up right beside Taehyung's car in the driveway.

Hoseok and Jungkook came into the kitchen, making direct eye contact with the boy standing there. Y/N spoke before anyone, "Come eat with us." She looked back at them and smiled, "Taehyung came by to apologize and he made this for us." She nodded at Jungkook.

Hoseok sat at his spot, "Just the way I like them," he laughed and gave Taehyung a thumbs up, "You're better than what I originally thought." The bubbly male then looked to Y/N, "I guess people can change one another for better." He laughed slightly.

Jungkook sighed, sitting between Y/N and Hoseok at the bar. He then looked at Taehyung, something hidden in his eyes. However, instead of arguing, he nodded, "Smells good." He then picked up his fork along with Hoseok and they took a bite.

Y/N smiled and fist-bumped Taehyung as they started to dig into their own pancakes. Nobody spoke as they ate. They enjoyed the silence; it wasn't tense or out of place. It felt normal.

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