Neighbors (Re-Posting) |Jeon Jungkook, Part 12|
         Neighbors (Re-Posting) 

        |Jeon Jungkook, Part 12| kimseokjin stories

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"Isn't that a little harsh? You and V used to be best friend's, Jungkook." Hoseok narrowed his eyes at him, "Give the babe some slack, she has just met him."

Neighbors (Re-Posting) |Jeon Jungkook, Part 12|

Y/N's first three periods and lunch flew by quickly. She hadn't realized the time that she had consumed while with Taehyung. She never seemed to think anything bad happened when he was with her.

Now, she was walking towards her final period, Taehyung had already dropped her off at her classroom; Gym.

She entered the room, seeing Kim Seokjin with Hoseok in the corner. She slowly walked over to them, "H-Hey.." She whispered almost as she spoke towards them.

She stopped walking when she was right at them.

Jin waved, "Hey there, Miss Kim. How are you?" He smiled, tilting his head. His pink hair swooped across his forehead, causing his broad shoulders to shift at the slight tingle.

"Good." She smiled faintly. She then bowed towards Hoseok, "I'm sorry I left this morning without saying a word. It won't happen again." She then straightened up to see him shaking his head.

She tilted her head as she slightly coughed.

He laughed at her and grinned, "No need, you're fine, love. Jungkook is pissed off, though, especially since he saw you with Taehyung." He nodded and looked at Jin, "He isn't too happy that you're disobeying him." He looked back at Y/N, "Or that he is back in the first place."

"What's so bad with Tae?" Y/N spoke louder now.

"What's so bad with, Tae?" She turned around to see Jungkook standing right behind her. He scoffed, "I told you, he is no good and I meant that. Everything he has told you, is a lie. Can't you see that pretty boys aren't what they always seem? That not all men are good, especially after your father?"

Y/N raised an eyebrow, her face turning pale.

Jungkook narrowed his eyes and inched close to Y/N, "Taehyung will beat you down and leave you to bleed, not looking back. He isn't to be messed with." Jungkook then gripped Y/N's arm, pulling away, seeing she was still in Taehyung's jacket, "And you're already letting him mark you."

"Isn't that a little harsh? You and V used to be best friend's, Jungkook." Hoseok narrowed his eyes at him, "Give the babe some slack, she has just met him."

"In four years, he could have changed," Jin then coughed, "Time changes people."

Jungkook scoffed again, glaring daggers at the two boys behind Y/N, "Time can't change Kim Taehyung. After everything he did before he left? He took everything I loved!" Jungkook then looked at Y/N, "I have warned you, so don't say I didn't." His words poured from his mouth, stinging with every breath, "When you're on the floor, don't expect me to pick you up." His eyes went dark.

Y/N growled, feeling confident all of a sudden.

Jin and Hoseok stepped back a little bit but still watched what was about to happen. They both knew the whole story, as did everyone else in the school. However, Y/N didn't.

She was never one for drama or school news. Her old self wouldn't even be standing in front of boys. However. The last couple days had changed the girl completely.

"Why would I need you for anything?" Y/N whispered, her eyes started to turn red, "I have been on my own for years, getting beat and harmed, and now you think I need your help for everything?” She screamed now, the teacher wasn’t in the room yet and probably wouldn’t be for a while. People turned to see what was going down.

Park Jimin happened to be in there and slyly left the room.

Jungkook didn't speak as Y/N got right up in his face. She put her index finger on his chest and pushed as hard as she could.

However, he didn't waver as he simply kept his feet planted to the floor, "I have been through hell and anything you could ever think of," She started crying, "My mother died, my best friend committed suicide, and my father beats me; I am stronger than what you or anyone else thinks!" She screamed in his face as she pushed herself away from him.

Hoseok and Jin both backed up as everyone in the Gym was now watching Jungkook and Y/N.

She started to breathe heavily, "If I want to be with Kim Taehyung, I will be with him!"

"He is no good for you, fool!" Jungkook snapped at her, "Why don't you listen to me? You know me better than him, it makes no sense. He just moved here and you're already holding his hand?" He shook his head as he stared at her, "What is wrong with you?"

Y/N breathed heavily as her tears hit the floor. She just looked into his eyes. She had fallen in love with him and even now, she couldn't deny that fact.

She had fallen for him at a distance and still loved him. However, he would never know. She knew that. She was nothing but a damsel in distress.

His hormones simply took over and decided to save her; like all the men would do.

"You're not the girl I thought you were." Jungkook spoke softly now, shaking his head as he ran his hands through his hair. He looked up, gritting his teeth.

Nobody noticed Taehyung or Jimin standing at the door.

Y/N pushed on Jungkook's chest, catching him off guard.

He stumbled backwards, but he caught himself before he fell, "I'm not the girl you thought I was?" She screamed at him now, "What was I supposed to be? A hurt, depressed, socially awkward, ugly teenager?" She was sobbing her heart out, "You break hearts in the dark so easily and you still walk around like you haven't hurt a soul!"

Jungkook just looked at her.

She then stepped back, wiping her tears on Taehyung's jacket, "If you think I'm not going to change after what has happened to me, you're wrong, Jeon Jungkook. I'm going to become stronger, bolder, and more confident. If you don't like that then.." She paused, turning away from him. Everyone was silent in the room. Nobody moved, "I'll leave." She then started to walk away slowly.

Hoseok and Jin watched her, something in their eyes.

Y/N didn't look at anyone as tears rolled down her face. Jungkook watched the beaten down girl walk away.

He was about to go grab her but he stopped; Taehyung grabbed her small body and engulfed her in a hug. As he hugged her, he looked directly at Jungkook.

Hate filled his eyes along with something else. Before he pulled Y/N out of the room, he smiled like a wolf, only letting Jungkook see it. With that, the two left the room.

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