Neighbors (Re-Posting) |Jeon Jungkook, Part 11|
        Neighbors (Re-Posting)

         |Jeon Jungkook, Part 11| fan fiction stories

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Taehyung spoke first, "Did Jungkook take you in because your father beat you?" His voice was low.

Neighbors (Re-Posting) |Jeon Jungkook, Part 11|

Y/N woke up to see the right side of her bed was empty and made up. She coughed as she sat up, feeling cold. She looked to the counter beside her bed, a note laying on it.

Taehyung's jacket was right beside it. She then picked up the note and read it.

I will be waiting to pick you up; be early. -Kim Taehyung

She felt happy for some reason as she put the note back down. She jumped to her feet and rushed to her closet. She opened the door, throwing on ripped skinny jeans and a black crop top.

She put on her black vans and grabbed her backpack. She put on Taehyung's jacket and shoved his note in her back pocket. And just like that, she was out the door.

She slipped out the front door, not waking Jungkook or Hoseok, or even Jin if he had stayed the night. Once she started down the driveway, an exotic sports car was sitting in front of the house.

The reason Y/N knew it was Taehyung's was for the Gucci symbol that was painted on the driver side door of the car. She then walked over, the moon still out.

She went to the passenger side and stepped back as the door opened upwards. Taehyung smiled as she got in, the door closing on it's own, "Ready?" Taehyung spoke towards her.

Y/N nodded.

Taehyung pressed the gas and the car took off. She took in a deep breath and relaxed, her backpack on the floorboard.

Taehyung spoke first, "Did Jungkook take you in because your father beat you?" His voice was low.

"Yes," She sighed, looking out the window, "He got me two days ago." She then looked over at Taehyung to see he was focusing on the road. She looked at his profile.

He had curled his hair, having it in a small man bun. A Gucci headband was around his head, keeping his bangs from going into his eyes.

He had an earring in of a cross that almost touched his shoulder. His left ear had nothing. A choker was around his neck.

He seemed to be wearing a small amount of eyeliner to go along with his white leather jacket and button-up shirt.

She looked to see he was wearing black skinny jeans and white boots, black suspenders keeping his pants up.

"Take a picture, it'll last longer." Taehyung chuckled, giving her a small glance before looking back at the road. He gripped the steering wheel, "How long has your father beat you?"

"Ever since my mom died." Y/N felt the pain all at once. She sighed, "So going on four years." She then put her head against the tinted windows as she saw the school coming into view.

Taehyung stopped the car in the school parking lot, turning it off and shifting around so he could look at her. She looked at him then, "I wish I could have helped you.." His voice got softer as he smiled, "Since you told me that, want to know why I left four years ago?"

"You don't have to tell me anything," Y/N smiled at him, looking at her scarred hand. She then slowly reached out and grabbed his hand and felt them.They were much softer and prettier than her own, "I trust you, Tae." She then gave him a full on smile.

Taehyung then gripped her hand, "I'll tell you when you want me to, how about that?" He let her hand go, ruffling her hair, "Smile like that more often, you look cuter." Taehyung then grabbed his keys, shoving them in his pocket, "Here." He then reached and grabbed her backpack, "Stay there." He got out of the car, his door also opened and shut the ways hers did.

The sun started to rise and kids filled the parking lot. People were looking at Taehyung, eyes wide open. It was a shock to see the school's old King was back.

They also knew turmoil was going to rise with Jungkook and him both being there.

Taehyung opened her side of the car and reached his hand out to her, "My lady." He winked at her, grabbing her hand and helping her out the car. She stood up and wiped off her clothes. She looked down with all the people looking at her, "Don't be shy, baby girl." He laughed, ruffling her hair again.

She smiled and nodded.

He then held his hand out to her. Once she took it, he intertwined his fingers with hers, gripping her hand tightly as he let it fall to his side along with his.

He started away from the car, pulling her along. The car door shut and locked automatically. She caught up to him as he slowed down and walked right beside him.

Her backpack was on his other shoulder.

Y/N looked back when she heard car tires squeal. A black Ferrari parked right beside Taehyung's car in a hurry and two three doors opened.

Hoseok and Jin emerged from the back of the car and Jungkook came from the driver's seat. Right before the school door closed, Jungkook and her made direct, gut-piercing eye-contact.

The door then closed, cutting it off.

"We have first and second period together and lunch." Taehyung walked down the hallway, gripping her hand tighter, "So you're on your own during fourth and third." He smiled and looked down at her, "Think you can be alone for that long?"

Y/N nodded, "I've practically been alone my whole life. I think I can survive two and a half hours without you." She chuckled as she looked down at the floor, dragging him to her locker.

He simply followed patiently, letting her lead him. She let his hand go as she took her backpack from him. He leaned against the locker beside hers, waiting and humming.

His hands were in his pockets.

Taehyung watched the halls as if he were searching for someone or something to appear.

Y/N took the wooden box out of her pocket and put it in her locker at the very back. She then pushed her books on top of the box, burying it deep in her school work and supplies.

She looked to see Taehyung now scrolling through his feed on Instagram as he hummed and slightly moved his head back and forth. He got a sucker from somewhere and it was now in his mouth.

He noticed her looking at him and pulled Y/N's favorite flavor out and smiled a box-like smile, "Want one?" He handed it over to her, winking. He went back to his phone screen.

She unwrapped it, putting the sucker in her mouth. Without looking, Taehyung held out his hand.

Y/N put the wrapper in his palm and he shoved it in his pocket, never looking away from what he was looking at. A few seconds later, he started typing something.

She then kneeled down, taking her english book out her backpack. She then put her bag in her locket, shutting and locking it.

With her book in her arms, she turned to face Taehyung, "Where's your stuff?" She tilted her head.

"Hang on." He held his finger up and went back to typing.

Y/N got quiet as her shoulders slumped. She had never been with a boy before so she thought this was normal and didn't question what he was doing.

She turned to see Jennie Kim, the girl who never left her alone, looking at her phone and giggling to her three friend's.

Y/N sighed and looked back to Taehyung. He was smiling down at his phone. Y/N then looked at the floor, starting to count the dots on the tiles.

"V! Why is Jennie not coming over to talk to you?" Jimin walked up to stand beside Y/N. He gave her a small smile and a wave as he turned back to his friend.

They'd both transferred from Busan High on the same day. They wanted to come to this school together.

Taehyung nodded at his phone as he moved the sucker to the other side of his mouth, "I'm texting her right now." He then smiled as he handed his phone so Jimin could see, "She wants to meet me right now but I'm gonna go to class with Y/N." He then winked at her once again.

Jimin noticed, "Y/N? From what I've heard you only have eyes for Mr. Jungkook?" He laughed, "I guess all the girl's do fall for your charms." The boy smiled, his eyes lighting up.

Taehyung slowly looked up from his phone and raised an eyebrow, "You like Jungkook?"

No, she thought, I love him. However, she shook her head and gave him a smile, "Not anymore." She then looked at Jimin, "I think you heard wrong." She then felt her body heat up as Jungkook came into view. However, he didn't spare her a glance; he walked right past her; Hoseok and Jin were right behind him.

Hoseok still gave her a smile and Jin waved. Y/N then looked at Taehyung as he gave her a complex look. She sighed, dropping her gaze.

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