If It Makes You Happy |Kim Namjoon|
           If It Makes You Happy

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If It Makes You Happy |Kim Namjoon|

"I don't want you to be unhappy, Y/N, but that's exactly why I have to go on this trip," Namjoon smiles as he steps forward, looking contently at his wife, "You've always believed in my research. You want me to succeed. That's what I'm trying to do."

Y/N's eyes are in total agony as she looks up at Namjoon, "We got married not six days ago, Joon, and you're already planning to ship out to some Island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean for six months. How else am I supposed to feel?"

"I know but I will call you everyday. I'll take you on a tour of the Island. I will update you constantly," Namjoon smiles even bigger now, showing his dimples, "You know how much this means to me that I am getting this chance to put my DNA samples to use."

Y/N turns away from him, walking slowly towards the window as she looks out onto their front lawn to see two twin girl's on a swingset, "I know, Joon..." She whispers, "But what about the girl's? How am I supposed to do this by myself?" She turns back towards him.

"You know Jin will be down here everyday to help you. Hell, he'll probably bring Jungkook," Namjoon takes Y/N's small hands in his as he beams down at her, "But if I genetically can alter history and time, imagine where that would put us."

"Don't you think that what's dead should stay dead?" Y/N pulls away from him, tears trying to break through, "Just because humans study and love dinosaurs doesn't mean they need to be brought back."

Namjoon's face turns void, "I thought you supported me through this? You knew what you were getting into when you married a scientist, Y/N, you know this is what I live and breathe for. This is what I am passionate about. I love my work."

Y/N spins around, looking him dead in the eyes, "And what about your family here? Do we just come in second place now since you think you can bring a breed of dinosaur back and get credit for it?" Her eyes are dark, the tears gone now.

He shakes his head, "It's not just a breed, it's more than a dozen breeds, Y/N! I can alter history. And I am doing it for my family," He slightly laughs and looks up, "Think of the money I'll get. I can pay for Georgia's and Lisa's college funds. I can make you happy."

"But I am happy, Namjoon, I am happy with what we have here and now." She let's her shoulders slump, "I just don't want something to happen to you and I can't even be there to help you."

Namjoon places both his hands on her shoulders, straightening her up, "I promise you I will be okay for six months. I will come back in one piece. Hell, if you want, I'll buy plane tickets for you and the girl's to come see the lab and assets."

"We get to see dinosauws?" Lisa speaks as she and Georgia are now in the doorway, holding hands. A bright smile is on both their faces. The nine year olds look excited.

Namjoon walks towards them and kneels down, embracing them in a hug as he looks up at Y/N along with them, "If mommy allows you three to go, you bet you'll be the first to see many living, breathing dinosaurs," He smiles and tilts his head, "What do you say?"

"Yeah, mommy!" Georgia giggles, "I wanna see dinosauwrs!" She jumps and down as she hugs her dad. Lisa then nods, biting her lips, smiling with not just her mouth but also her brown eyes.

Namjoon stands up and smiled again. He stares at her, his face completely gentle with his expressions.

Y/N then slightly laughs and looks at her baby girl's and then Namjoon, "If it makes you happy," She pauses, a certain look in her eyes, "I can't say I have a problem with it. Especially if you want us to come with you."

"YAY!" Lisa and Georgia scream in unison, running and hugging their mothers legs tightly.

Namjoon then embraces Y/N from the front, the girl's now dancing around them. He whispers in her ear, "It'll be fun, trust me." He then pulls away and looks into her eyes, "Dinosaurs can be pretty cool."

"Until they eat you." Y/N responds.

Namjoon snorts as he steps back, "They won't eat you, Missy." He then smiles and winks at Lisa and Georgia as they listen in on the conversation.

"What is that supposed to mean?" Y/N crosses her arms.

"They don't like rotten meat," He winks at her, "And you're just that." Namjoon laughs along with his two girl's. Y/N shakes her head, laughing softly. Namjoon then steps forward.

Y/N smiles as Namjoon kisses her forehead.

Lisa and Georgia begin dancing and chanting again, "Dinosauws! Dinosauws! Dinosauws!"

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