Haters To Lovers (FINALE) |Jeon Jungkook, Imagine #2, Part 3|
   Haters To Lovers (FINALE)

|Jeon Jungkook,
                           Imagine #2, Part 3| jungkook stories

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"Ahn Y/N, will you do the honors of marrying me?"

Haters To Lovers (FINALE) |Jeon Jungkook, Imagine #2, Part 3|

-1 Week Later- Y/N stepped out the hospital doors, a full leg cast on her left leg. It wrapped around her hips, holding her securely in place. She'd have to keep it on for nearly a month for her wounds and bones to heal. If she didn't leave the cast on, she could potentially paralyze herself.

Y/N looked up, stopping to see a familiar man leaning against a white Cadillac CTS. He was wearing a pure white suit and his hair was no longer black. He had trimmed it, dying it blonde. His lips were more red than usual and just as puffy. His jawline was still cut and his skin seemed flawless in the sun.

He saw her right when she walked out of the doors. He smiled, stepping forward towards her, "Are you ready to go on that date now?" He tilted his head to the left, standing a few feet in front of her; about twenty.

Y/N just looked at him as people passed them by, giving Jungkook looks. But they weren't disapproving. The ladies seemed to be feeding off of his aroma. Y/N nodded towards a group of girls, "They seem to be eye-fucking you."

Jungkook shrugged, "Let them eye-fuck me. They're not the one I'm interested in," He winked at her, smirking, "Hop in, I'll pay for everything." He smiled, taking a step back but stopping when he saw Y/N wasn't moving. He raised an eyebrow, "What's wrong with you?"

"You know I hate you, right?" Y/N narrowed her eyes at him as she shook her head, "Just because you helped me doesn't mean I owe you anything. You did that all on your own accord." She scoffed at him, continuing to walk down the sidewalk.

"Ahn Y/N!"

Y/N stopped walking and stiffly turned around. Her leg was already aching. She looked to see Jungkook down on one knee, a smile on his face. Her eyes widened.

"If you hate me still, say yes." He was yelling at her, knowing that people were watching him. Some even had their phones out. He had a cute bunny-smile on his face as he stayed on one knee.

"You fool!" Y/N hissed at him, "What are you doing?" She looked panicked as she stared at the man who looked like an angel about to propose to a mere human.

"Ahn Y/N, will you do the honors of marrying me," Jungkook screamed now, "Or are you going to say no and admit to loving me?" He then tilted his head, smirking.

Y/N held in a laugh as she covered her mouth, shaking her head, "You're unbelievable. Have you never been rejected?"

"No," He smiled, "And I won't start now. Especially by you; the woman who claims to hate me with all her heart," He then stood up and started to slowly walk over to her, "One date is all I'm asking. If you still hate me afterward, alright, at least I tried," He then stopped right in front of her, "So, what do you say?"

Y/N looked right into his eyes, an eyebrow raised. Jungkook was smiling at her, his head tilted to the right now. His featured looked even better up close. She just stared at him,

He noticed her lack of response and spoke, "So... what'll it be?" He smiled, showing all of his teeth.


I hope you enjoyed this dedication story, @izzykpopff, and all you other love's! If you have any requests, let me now in ANY comments or DM me :) For now, I shall write some more horror. ARMY to the top <3 ~ f_priestly

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