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"Hey, it's Jonghyun. I called because I have some free-time. I wanted to check in on you and see how you're doing. And I was wondering if I could swing by your work and see you for a few? Perhaps when you have a break?"

Dream A Little Dream Of Me (6)

After school ended, Hoseok had to drop Y/N off at Taehyung's house so that they could get ready for work which started at 4:00pm. They had thirty minutes until they had to be there.

From Taehyung's house, he'd drive them in his blue Malibu.

Y/N was in Taehyung's bathroom, putting on her uniform as he put on his in his bedroom. The bathroom door was wide open, but Taehyung didn't watch her; he wasn't a creep.

And Y/N nor Taehyung were romantically attracted to one another.

And the same went for Taehyung. They were just close best friend's of opposite genders. No matter what anyone said, they knew what their true feelings were.

Plus, if Taehyung and Y/N liked one another, things would be beyond complicated. The reason being is that Taehyung was dating his co-worker, Choi Yeunjun.

They'd been together for three months now; going on four in less than a week.

Y/N spoke as she stepped out, tucking in the rest of her red shirt in her black skinny jeans. Tightening her black belt as she did so, "I still can't believe you're quitting next month.How am I supposed to do this without you there?"

Taehyung laughs, "You'll be fine, babe, trust me." He turns around, facing her. He wore a red shirt tucked into black skinny jeans and black boots and a white belt. He was not a stylist by no means, "Yeunjun will help you when I'm gone. You know he likes you."

"Perhaps a little too much," Y/N chuckles, "Wouldn't you say?"

Taehyung smiles and nods, "He has taken quite a liking to you but I can't really blame him. You're a cool person and you know it."

"When I choose to be."

"And that statement would be very correct," He laughs aloud before walking past her to grab his car keys, 'We better leave before my mom shows up. We both know she hates you with a passion."

"It seems everyone's parents hate me," Y/N scratched her head, "Am I that unlikeable?" She raised an eyebrow as she grabbed her sling bag, along with Taehyung's, and followed him to the door.

"No, some of your choices are just questionable at times. Like when you called my house phone drunk because you ate too many rum balls. Then you proceeded to call my mom a cathoilc who-"

"Yep, yep, yep, I see what happened there," She threw her hands up, "But you and I both know it's true. And so does she, she's a scum and a half and you know it." She sneered through her teeth.

"Just because I believe it and you believe it, doesn't mean you need to scream it over the phone," He pats her head with a smile, "Now, let's go." He then walks out his bedroom door.

Y/N follows, shutting and locking it once she leaves.

Her phone starts ringing so she answers it without looking to see who the caller was, "Hello?" She asks as she still follows right behind Taehyung.

"Hey, it's Jonghyun. I called because I have some free-time. I wanted to check in on you and see how you're doing. And I was wondering if I could swing by your work and see you for a few? Perhaps when you have a break?"

The boy spoke in fast tongues. He is Y/N's age and he is in the same grade as her. He and Y/N had dated for a few months but she broke it off, just wanting to be friend's.

And they were still quite close, just had more arguments here and there.

"I am okay, Jong, I promise.And come see me at seven, that's when I have my break," She smiled as she spoke, "What're you doing anyways?" She got in the passenger seat of Taehyung's car and out on her seatbelt.

He then pulled out the driveway and onto the highway.

"Roofing with my dad. Figured I'd help out since my grades are less than..Graceful," He slightly laughed as he spoke, "But are you sure you're alright ater last night? You can tell me the truth. My lips are sealed."

The poor boy was in love with her and he really cared for her. Of course, she cared for him but her feelings weren't the same.

It broke her heart to see him trying so hard but she knew she wouldn't go back to him. No matter what he did.

Jungkook and Taehyung actually took a liking to Jonghyun and they still kept in touch with him. Hoseok, however, did not get along with the boy.

They seemed to have a strong dislike for one another. But that had nothing to do with her leaving him.

They were just better off as friends.

"I know." Was all she said before she went quiet, staring at the cars they passed on the highway. She had eight hours of work ahead of her and then she had to go home.

That's what she dreaded the most.

Having to see her 'family'.

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