Chances |Park Jimin, Imagine #3, Part 5|

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"Calm down, there is nothing to be afraid of when you're with me."

Chances |Park Jimin, Imagine #3, Part 5|

Y/N came out of her room in a dark black dress and darker-like makeup. It matched her skin and seemed to radiate her complexion. Her heels were black.

She stopped in the doorway, seeing Jimin leaning on his desk.

He wore a pure white suit with a black tie and vest under his sleep jacket. His silver hair was slicked back and sunglasses were across his eyes. He wore white shoes.

He looked at Y/N and smirked at her, "I guess a milkmaid can look beautiful," He paused and tilted his head, "Why is your hair in a bun?" He started toward her.

Y/N just stood there as the man grabbed her hairbow, slowly ripping it fro her hair. She turned around as he clicked his tongue. She narrowed her eyes as he started to play with her hair.

"Does my hair really matter?" Y/N spoke lowly as he turned her back around to face him. He started messing with her longer bangs now, "Honestly." She then swatted his hands away.

"Hair defines a person and shows their traits." He smiled to himself as he stepped back and crossed his arms, "I'm good." He chuckled to himself.

Y/N tilted her head, her hair flowing with her motion, "What does mine say about me?" She raised an eyebrow, giving him a steady look.

Jimin cooed at her, "You're a diligent woman who doesn't know when to take a break," He stepped closer to her, "You don't have many friends and you're a virgin."

"Hey!" Y/N shoved him backward as she hugged her self, "I don't want to hear anymore." She then turned around, facing her still-open door.

"Was I right?"

She looked at Jimin as he spoke bluntly toward her. He was walking towards the elevator, waiting for her to come along with him.

She took in a deep breath, "Yes." She muttered as she started to walk towards him.

He chuckled, "Come along." He didn't linger on it anymore once the doors to the lift opened right up. He didn't go in, however, he bowed for a second, letting Y/N go first.

When she got in, she went to the left corner at the back. Jimin was right beside her once the doors closed. He didn't say anything else to her. He was simply quiet.

"Why are we going to that place again?" Y/N asked softly, looking over and up at him. Even with the heels on, he was still taller than her.

"We are going to 'The Black Swan' to meet my step-brother and his fiance." Jimin put emphasis on the name of the restaurant, wanting Y/N to remember it.

"I didn't know you had a step-brother," Y/N then gave him a look, "Of all the things I have heard, that wasn't a topic." She then scratched under her neck.

"That's because he is gay," Jimin scoffed, "I don't believe in such matters."

Y/N narrowed her eyes as she looked forward, "He can be whatever he wants to be; he doesn't need your approval or drastic opinions." She then stopped talking, not looking back at Jimin.

Jimin smiled to himself as the elevator doors were about to open up, "Hand," He grabbed her hand and intertwined their fingers, "Let's go, shall we?" He smiled down at her.

Y/N felt a shock through her body as he touched her gently. She just nodded, not speaking. Her face started to turn red along with other parts of her body.

The doors opened and Jimin started forward without delay.

Y/N was right beside him, keeping up with his strides and pace. Y/N looked to her left, seeing Yoongi at the corner of the room, talking to Jungkook. They seemed to be very close.

That was all she saw as Jimin opened the doors, letting Y/N go first, still holding her hand. He then went out after her, the sliding doors shutting by themselves.

He started towards a silver Lamborghini Veneno.

He opened the door, letting Y/N get in. He then shut the door, walking around the car to get in himself.

Y/N looked out the window, seeing a purple-haired man at the corner of the building watching her and Jimin. She couldn't recall his name at that very moment but he made her frightened.

She looked at Jimin as he got in the car. She shook her head roughly as she then looked out the front glass at the road before them.

Jimin started the car and pulled out, heading North.

He noticed Y/N acting anxious, "Are you alright?" He no longer seemed like an ass. His voice was caring and he looked weirdly at her once he spoke.

She nodded, not speaking. She was bouncing her leg.

Jimin drove with his left hand as he moved his right onto her thigh, stopping her leg from bouncing, "Calm down, there is nothing to be afraid of when you're with me." He kept his hand there.

She took in a deep breath and let her head lean against the back of the seat. For some reason, she felt calm since Jimin was touching her. She felt like nothing could hurt her.

Nearly thirty minutes later, Jimin parked the car and turned it off, looking right in her eyes, "Just talk as you would at a normal diner, alright?" He smiled at her, ruffling the top of her hair gently.

She nodded as he got out, his hand finally leaving her thigh.

Y/N got out once he opened her door. He then grabbed her hand and started forward, the passenger door closing by itself. She took in a deep breath as they entered The Black Swan.

The man with purple hair was still in her head.

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