Black Hat Hacker |Jeon Jungkook, Imagine #3, Part 2|
              Black Hat Hacker

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"Just call me Bunny. I don't usually give out my real name, you know? I like to stay low."

Black Hat Hacker |Jeon Jungkook, Imagine #3, Part 2|

I am now going to put my own little spin to the story for some fun :) Of course, this is still a very important matter and it should not be ignored. Everything in this imagine from now on is going to be FAKE and purely from my imagination! Enjoy, loves :)

The next night, Y/N was driving down her road slowly, watching for her turn. She had just gotten off work and she was going to be home alone for the next week. Her grandparents were currently on a business trip in California.

However, she didn't get too far until she slowly stopped, seeing a man flagging for a ride.

She pulled over to where she could speak to the man through the window. She smiled, "Can I help you, Sir?"

The man had black hair and doe-like eyes. He was holding his right arm, is was bleeding heavily, "I cut myself in the trees. Could you help me so my dog won't see this when I go home?"

Y/N was a good samaritan and she trusted easily.

She nodded, opening the door, "Get in. I'll take you to my place and I'll take you home." When the man climbed in and shut the door, she hit the gas.

She didn't notice the bloody knife in his jacket pocket.

As she started up her driveway, the night before flashed in her head. Fear struck her but she shook the thought from her mind. The man called JK was just creepy like most men are on the internet.

"You look spooked all of a sudden, is something the matter?" The man's eyes were full of sympathy as he peered over at the young girl.

She smiled at him and nodded as she parked the Chevy Impala, "Yeah, I'm just thinking of a few things I don't really want to remember."

"Do you know what I do in that situation?" He raised an eyebrow at her, getting all serious.

Y/N nodded looking at him.

"I run as hard as my heart will let me. And I go all day long," He smiled at her, "Shall we, miss?" He slightly chuckled at her.

She nodded as she opened her door. She then turned to see him closing his door and following her up to the door.

She shoved the key in the door, opening it and letting him in before her, 'What's your name? If I may ask." She spoke nicely as she turned on the light. They were in the kitchen.

"Just call me Bunny. I don't usually give out my real name, you know? I like to stay low." He looked back at her, winking slightly.

She chuckled, "Call me Y/N. How old are you, Bunny?" She then pointed to a chair and he sat down.

"Eighteen, how about you?" He sat in the chair now, watching her move to the kitchen, squatting down to grab her first aid kit in the cabinet.

"Sixteen and counting," She stood up, bandages in her hand along with alcohol, "This may sting at first, so I apologize."

"Give me food and we'll be even." He smiled at her, taking off his red jacket and unbuttoning hs zebra flannel.

She chuckled, "I hope you like ramen." She then took his jacket and sat it on the table. The cut was deep and looked like a knife. She tilted her head, "Did someone leave their knife in the woods?"

The man called Bunny laughed, "I have no damn clue. All I know is that I hit something sharp and the blood started to pour."

She smiled, "Well, I can fix this. My grandma is a nurse and my grandpa is a doctor. It is in my blood to fix people." She giggled, dabbing alcohol on a rag, touching it to his wound.

He didn't flinch.

"It doesn't hurt?" She raised an eyebrow, continuing what she was doing.

He smiled, "My skin is thicker than what most think."

She laughed as she started to wrap the bandage, "I can tell," She looked at the time, "I can heat you up some food and we can eat together. You're welcome to stay the night since it's late?" She tilted her head at him, just wanting to be friendly.

She stood up, handing him his jacket as he slowly stood to his feet. Y/N was still giving him a small, innocent smile.

He grinned, a hence of evil behind his eyes. 'Bunny' kept eye contact with her as he spoke.

"I'd like that."

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