Black Hat Hacker |Jeon Jungkook, Imagine #3, Part 3|
              Black Hat Hacker 

 |Jeon Jungkook,
                            Imagine #3, Part 3| jeonjungkook stories

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"Come on, babygirl, running is pointless. Where are you going to go?"

Black Hat Hacker |Jeon Jungkook, Imagine #3, Part 3|

The next morning, Y/N went inside Bunny's room, opening the door with a smile on her face.

Nothing had happened that night. It went by smoothly.

However, when she opened the door, he wasn't anywhere to be found in the medium-sized room. The bed was completely made and nothing was out of place.

Besides what was on the bed.

Y/N took a step forward, the door slightly opened up behind her now. She approached the bd, narrowing her eyes.

A bloody knife was there, along with a phone that had it's messages up and then many photos of her; ones that she didn't take. Some of the photos were of her body; her bare body.

She then grabbed the phone, opening the only message on there. And then her eyes went wide. She typed in the word "ok" and pressed send.

Her phone went off.

She grabbed hr phone and turned it on, seeing the word "Ok" on the screen. It had been sent by JK.

Y/N dropped the phone on the bed as she gripped her in her hand. She then slowly turned to face the door, seeing a dark shadow standing there, watching her through the crack.

Y/N then stepped back as the door started to slowly open. Bunny appeared, a smile on his face, "What are you doing in here?" He then saw what was on the bed, "Oh, I see." He looked right at her eyes.

"You're JK?" Y/N's voice was shaky as she spoke. Her legs started to shake beneath her. She could barely hold herself up. She stepped back again. There was an exit door in the room, but it was hidden.

Bunny smiled, "Please, just call me Jungkook," He grinned at her, walking towards her, "I wasn't planning on this happening. I wanted to become friends, get your trust, make you fall in love..." He sighed, "But you ruined that yourself."

"Jeon Jungkook?"

He smiled like a fox, "So you have heard of me? I figured so, I'm pretty famous worldwide. You should feel lucky," He winked at her, "You're my next victim." He then started to rush her.

In that instant, she opened the hidden door and darted out the back of the house, slamming the door shut as she took a sharp left.

She dropped her phone.

She then went towards her car, opening the door as fast as she could. She slid in, looking for the keys. But they weren't where she had placed them the night before.

She then felt something hit the car.

She looked up to see Jungkook in front of the hood, smiling at her, the keys in his hand, "Looking for these, babygirl?" He then winked at her.

She opened the door, blocking his path to her. She then turned and ran to the back of the car, looking through the window to see him closing the door, walking towards her. Her heart stopped.

"Come on, babygirl, running is pointless. Where are you going to go?" He was mocking her now. He was toying with her. Just like he did to all his victims he tortured and killed.

Y/N covered her mouth as she squatted down, walking to the other side of the car. She kept her mouth covered, holding her breath as she got on her knees, looking under the car at Jungkook's feet on the other side.

She carefully watched as he started to walk away, calling out to her. She closed her eyes, uncovering her mouth. She then took in a deep breath, feeling anxiety release itself from her body.

Then something grabbed her.

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