I am whole
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everlovexx I'm a rather emotional person.
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I just need to remind myself sometimes that things are okay. This can serve as that reminder.

I am whole

by everlovexx

Sometimes, I feel scared

That you don't love me. That you don't need me.

I see how you interact with others

And you seem so much happier.

I see your laughs, your smiles

And wonder why they're never with me.

But the thing is...

I'm okay.

I know you love me. I know you need me.

And even if you didn't?

I would still be okay.

You will not break me. I will not break myself.

You might have more fun

Away from me. With others.

But I love you

Because of that, I ask that you only be happy.

If your happy doesn't involve me?

Then that's the way it will be.

Because I am whole.

And whole I will stay.

I will stay whole

In every possible way.

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