Jeon Jungkook: Were you jealous?
Jeon Jungkook: Were you jealous? celebrity-2018 stories

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Where Jungkook's jealous over Jimin talking and hanging out with you.

Jeon Jungkook: Were you jealous?

You and Jungkook had been friends for 2 years but you didn't know that he has a crush on you. You always hang out with Jimin, your another best friend for 2 1/2  years.

Jungkook always gets jealous because you hang out with Jimin and him. He only wants you to hang out with him. "Hey (Y/N).." "Yes Jungkook?~ ^-^" "May.. I umm.. Argh!!" "...

?" You look at him confuse. "Why do you always hang out with the both of us and not only me?" ":O the both of you are my best friends why would I only hang out with only you?😌😂" "...

I-" he was about to say something, Jimin came in.

"Oh hey Jimin! What's up?" "Am good. Hey Jungkook!" "Hey." ':O there's something wrong with his voice. Is he okay?' Inner you.

(At the end of class)

"I gotta go first (Y/N), See ya tmr! Jungkook you too bye!" "Bye Jimin~" Jungkook didn't even reply. So you decided to ask him. "Jungkook.. What's wrong?" He ignored you and walk.

You grab his forearm to make him tutn around and look at you. "I said what's wrong? Why did you walk away?" "You want to know the reason why? Why...

Why am I a-acting like t-this?" "Why Jungkook-ah? Is there something wrong? Is there-" "I like you (Y/N). Can't you see?" He pause for a while then continued. "Of course you can't see..

You are always busy hanging around with J-Jimin.." He said with a sad tone. He was about to walk away, you back hug him. "Yah.. Why didn't you tell me before? Huh?.. I t-too..

I a-actually l-like y-you too.." He slowly turn around, cupping your face "Y-you m-mean it (Y/N)? I-" "Yes Jugkook.. I mean it." He hug you. You hug back.

"Anyway, you replied Jimin with a sad voice. Is it because you're jealous?" He pull away. "What? No way.. Why would I be j-jealous?" You raise a brow and smirk.

"Really? Then why was there a sad voice? You would always repy him with a cheerful tone." "Okay okay.. I admit.. I was jealous.. Okay? Happy -.-. I've been keeping the jealousy..

I just can't stand it that the both of you are so close -.-. Stop teasing me -.-" "hahahah!!!! I knew it!!" "Soo Hyun! Stop laughing ><." "Hahah!! You're funny xD and cute 😂" "(Y/N) -.

-" "okay okay sorry xD." "Let's go home before you remind me again about it -.-" "heheh let's go my jealous boyfriend" "... (Y/N)..

You gonna regret it!" You know what he meant and you ran and he chase you. You slow down, tired. "Got ya. (Y/N)" he tickles you. You can't stop laughing.

"Okay let's go (Y/N)" "let's go~" 'He was jealous after all.'

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