I'll never know...
I'll never know...

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eternal_seekerWhere this path leads, I know not..
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That warm fuzzy feeling ....

I'll never know...

The very first time my eyes met yours, Was when I stepped into a different kind of world. It wasn't a place I was used to, but it was great; And your presence made it ethereal , made it pure.

We were mere strangers and sometimes exchanged glances, I'm not sure what it was, maybe just playful banter or something which was to last forever Nevertheless it meant something to me and that's what counts

Remember that game that brought us together? Like destiny wanted us to meet again and again Miles away from that place too, fate wanted to see us as one And though I knew nothing about you, it felt just right

Days passed, we spoke..we didn't, the silence felt weird But then again your voice was always music to my ears It was unique, I could listen to it for eternity, I felt pulled towards something true, something you

My mind ; a little kid, curious and confused Should I ask, should I smile, should I talk, or just be? What are you thinking, what would you understand Am I the oblivious fool or just an innocent passer-by

And then came the night of celebration You, an angel from heaven, in brilliant white Your grace rendered me speechless, out of breath Because in my mortal life, little had I experienced an aura like this..

I lost myself in the music and danced away, looking for your silhouette through the corner of my eyes Hoping you would say something, even with a glance And I sensed this warmth, a ray of reassurance, hope in despair

Days passes, and our paths kept crossing, now that we knew each other Apprehensive of taking things further , I was just not sure Maybe I was just a friend, just a regular somebody, an acquaintance Sometimes I thought that was good enough

Then again, I tried taking things further You responded, but maybe something was off Maybe I was expecting more, and you were right in your own way Maybe I should have asserted more, been more honest

I wonder if I should make amends, do things the right way If I should take a leap of faith and go for it Just keep it out there, know you more, bit by bit Take it slow..and cherish the magnificence that is you

Would you have reciprocated? Put your faith in me? Held my hand? Listened to my heart? Trusted my soul? Tugged my heartstrings? Weaved a melody that would bring angels from heaven? Would you ever feel the same, more maybe ? I'll never know....

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