“You Left My Insides Black and Blue”

            “You Left My Insides 
                   Black and Blue” damage stories

erinmatthews Community member
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“You Left My Insides Black and Blue”

Gaping mouths of open wounds Emit anguished screams from within, Unseen and ignored, these nasty abrasions Fester far under my skin.

My body’s unmarred, wearing no proof That I’m victim to all of your violence. A charming charade used to mask your abuse Will ensure that I suffer in silence.

Defiled by your hatred, spoiled and rotting; Alone, I must nurse my own hurt. This doormat’s retired; though free from your boots, Forever, I’m stained by your dirt.

Shattered limbs mend, Black eyes will fade, A gash can be easily sewn. My inflictions are hidden, raw and untouched; You’ve broken more than just merely a bone.

Eternally caged within my own head, Still, I desperately search for the key. But each night I am plagued by a terrible thought... .

....That I wish you could have just hit me.

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