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If only we could learn to love like we lean to write


by erinkephart

I know how to write, And I know how to read,

I know how to listen And I know how to speak.

I learned these lessons early on

They were what they were Straight forward and true.

But I can't quite understand This new lesson I have learned

They said my mom and dad have it

And my friends share it.

They said that I'll feel it one day,

And that it is not complex.

But that is what it is not.

My mom felt it My dad never did.

My friends shared it Until they moved away

I swore I felt it But that went away too.

It is far more complex Than reading and writing.

I want to learn what it really is,

But I'm afraid I'll only discover Still what it is not.

I need a new teacher,

As the last one wasn't sure Of it either

I know how to write And I know how to read.

I know how to listen And I know how to speak.

I do not know how to love,

And I do not know how you love me.

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