Do you have hope?
Do you have hope? stories
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erinkephartFudge Popsicles and Puppies
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I hope you have hope too ~ Different from what I usually post, but been really feeling therapy these past few weeks and really want to make me the best me. I hope someone out that may be able to relate and it can help them along like therapy is helping me.

Do you have hope?

by erinkephart

I don't live with any regets other than the fact that I don't want to look back and just see negative.

When I think about growing old I think about life as a timeline. As time goes on, my head highlights the bad memories and makes them bigger, and the good smaller.

I'm barley even a fith of the way down my timeline and this is starting to happen already

I know I have the opportunity to change myself now, but if I don't soon, I may never get the chance to remember the good..

Like my mothers laugh,

Or my dogs' barks,

Or like my grandfather's place on the beach,

Or the holidays that my family was all together,

Or the great people I have met.

I don't want to forget those things, I want to look back when my hair starts to grey and my kids start high school and remember how much good I did have.

I want to remember those good moments ass vividly as I do the bad...

I will always be striving to improve myseld, but I think now is the most important time to do so.

I have hope one day I'll be happy doing what I'm doing, living where I'm living, and remembering what I should remeber; I hope the hope I have in myself now will never dwindle.

And with that I will make sure that the hope I have will always be afire in my heart, no matter how small the flame of strong the wind, I will protect it from the elements..

And I will never let myself or anyone else put out that fire.

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