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We must be kind to ourselves.


by erinkephart

I always thought it was stupid To say I have demons in my head.

But after awhile it became clear That these demons where no joke

You see they weren't very noticeable At first.

I tried to ignore The fact that I had some one else Running my head.

At first it was easy to cover my ears But they grew louder

And I learned just what they were.

They said things that made me Crumble within.

They beat me down And threw me around.

But I learned that these words come from farther within.

They didn't come from the demons.

I learned that the words That those demons scream Are just words they learned

From me.

I learned That to silence the demons

I must learn to silence Some parts of my own mind.

I must learn to love myself

And that to myself I can be kind.

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