Super Team 66: Part One
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Part One: Teamwork Team Member: Trojan Falling to your death sure is boring after the first time you do it. The wind rustled through my long, black, curly hair and got it all in my face.

Super Team 66: Part One

Part One: Teamwork Team Member: Trojan

Falling to your death sure is boring after the first time you do it. The wind rustled through my long, black, curly hair and got it all in my face.

As the ground fast approached and I watched the floors of the building fly upward faster and faster, all I could feel was embarrassed.

I had been outsmarted by two super goons who were as dim as they were strong; and given that they were supers with enhanced muscles, I'll let you finish that thought process.

I saw a dumpster fast approaching and thought, *hey maybe a little softer of a landing.

* No sooner had I thought that then the only noise in my head was a sharp and quick KRANG! My neck hit the rim of the dumpster.

The dull pain started from the impact and spread discomfort around my body.

The impact sent my body spinning and ungracefully smashed into a half full dumpster of almost a week old who knows what.

As bits of food and unknowable slimy things got in my beard, hair, and overcoat, all I could think about was *of coarse I got a hard landing AND filled with garbage... worst of both worlds.*

"He's still alive!" Came far off cry from above me; it sounded like Rock'em.

"Wha? 'Ow?!" Came the confused cry of his friend. Well, now THAT one sounded like Rock'em.

Pandora and Icarus swore to me that you could tell them apart because Sock'em was the smart one, but they both sounded stupid to me. Which was bothering the ex cop in me.

How did two dummies lead such a complicated prison break?

"Landed in the trashy thing." The first one said.

"Oh yeah, cuz 'e's luck 'n stuff right?"

"Can't be too lucky, cuz we're gettin' away!" Ok, the first one was Sock'em, because he was right.

To the world, I'm one lucky S.O.B. That's what I've told them my power is.

How did I survive 30 years as a cop, getting shot and stabbed multiple times, thrown off roofs, and multiple car crashes? Because I told them I was a super, and my power was luck.

I mean, it was only a half lie. I am a super, but as you probably figured out, my power is invulnerability. Telling people I'm just lucky though undersells my power.

Just being lucky and good at being a detective means I get the smaller job. I get city duty with Super Team 66 and not world duty with the Ten's teams. Less responsibility is top priority...

Well, second priority, but I don't know you well enough to tell you about her.

Being covered in trash and humiliated sure didn't make me feel lucky.

But, as I watched Rock'em and Sock'em leap from the roof they threw me from and then to another, I did wonder how I planned on keeping the chase up.

My impervious skin has made me a lot less dexterous, and my poor physical shape even more so. Let's just say I would have eaten a lot less Bork Purgers if I knew my body was going to get so...

ridgid. Those two had me extremely out-brawned, but I was still convinced they didn't have the brains for their plans.

My mind began to think of what if there had been a third when it was distracted by the rest of my team in action.

Leaping from roof to roof after the strong men I say a midnight black duster and then a petite punk rocker flew over the ally as well. At least my team was picking up my slack.

As I heaved myself from the refuse, I felt a wave of shame and a burning need to not be useless.

I got some looks from some nearby pedestrians.

They see a dark skinned, hairy man in a filthy overcoat climb out of a dumpster,

these white city folks only saw a crazy middle-easterner; and not the proud greek ex-cop and super hero I had worked so hard to become. Yeah, today was going great.

As I walked down the street, brushing off garbage, I would walk over the grates in the sidewalk.

As the air blew from the grates, I would get the pleasant aroma of week old garbage blown in my face.

For once I was not very happy that our large New Mexican city had such an extensive subway system.

I fiddled with my Super Team communicator and hoped back onto the team channel. "Trojan, back. What's the damage?"

"Good to hear from you hun." Came a strong yet sweet motherly voice like chocolate blasting from my earpiece. This was Titan. "Pandora and Icarus are in chase.

What street did you fall on, I can come pick you up."

"Nasty fall Trojan." Came a stoic and low man's voice. Pandora had watched one too many movies and thought the 'cool' gravely voice was a 'professional' choice.

"Icarus has almost caught up to them, I'm preparing an incantation on the building above you."

I blinked. I didn't realize he was so close. He was just the guy to get me back into the fight. "Pandora." I blurted, "Come on man, you gotta pull something out of your coat for me.

Down here on the street I'm useless."

"Hmmm, alright." Pandora sighed. There was a shuffling noise over the monitor and then an awkward silence. "I got an almost crowbar."

I hesitated. "What..." I stuttered, mostly disappointment running through my head. "What does that even mean?"

"It means this," Pandora replied, "Heads up!"

I blinked again, I couldn't possibly believe that he was going to throw... KRANG again! This one hit on the top of my head.

The pain in my neck was still there from the dumpster and as the discomfort of the almost crowbar spread down into my neck a throbbing sensation made it almost impossible to move my head,

which made for a real awkward bending down and picking up this 'almost crowbar.'

It was a long metal bar that lead to a head that had a strange plus sign on it, like a phillips screwdriver for giants.

"Pandora!" I growled, "how does this get me back in the fight?"

"What I don't know." Pandora retorted, "You know that's not how my power works. That metal bar is what you need. Not what you want."

"I'll show YOU what I want to do with this metal bar." I threatened, but I was cut off before I could finish.

"Dammit Trojan!" Spat a third voice. It was a lively and powerful voice, one that punched out every word with violent diction.

It was Icarus, every aspect of our seventeen year old intern was a 'kick your ass' mentality, even the way she talked. "Stop wasting time, I'm getting literally thrown around up here. I...

aw shi-"

She was cut off and I saw a few blocks down a silhouette get thrown off a building. The brute's super strength really hucked that girl.

Icarus almost hit the building across the street before miraculously peeling upward and into the sky, diving right back towards the escapees. Onlookers on the street exploded in applause.

Oh yeah, the cool teen gets pitched off a building and it's cool, I do it and I'm given the Oscar the Grouch treatment.

"On it Icarus, I'm headed your way." Pandora said apologetically. Or at least I think it was apologetic. It is really hard to tell with the spooky guy.

Titan's voice came back over the monitors. "Trojan hun, just give me your coordinates. I'm in the van, I'll pick you up and we'll cut them off."

Something was stopping me from responding to her. It was the same thing bothering me about the jailbreak. If Roofus and Doofus weren't smart enough for the prison break, who was.

Why had the dimwit brothers on to the roofs. It's a harder chase with less places to inevitably go. Finally, why had Pandora's coat given me this strange tool.

"Hun, you ok?" Came Titan's voice distracting me again.

My train of thought had been derailed again. There was a shaking through my feet as I stopped on another one of those greats due to the distraction.

Even the frustration of this mental hiccup felt like it was trying to tell me something. "Titan I!" I began but my annoyance made me spit the words out harshly.

I immediately regretted talking to her like that. She was only trying to help and Titan was always trying to help. She was awesome like that.

"There's something important, but I'm having trouble figuring it out."

That was quickly followed up by more grunts and trouble from Icarus' end. "Stop grabbing me you creeps.

Don't you throw me agaaaaaaaaaaai-" She was cut off as she got sent sailing a whole city block again.

Titan exhaled slowly before she responded. I could tell that snapping at her had upset her, but she was setting that aside for now. I really did admire that woman.

"Tell me what's on your mind."

"You think we have time with Icarus' situation?" I asked.

"Oh hun, that girl is more than those boys can handle, she'll be fine. If something's ruffling your detective feathers, let's shake it out!"

I smiled. The situation was tense and I still felt like a failure, but I couldn't help it. Titan's kindness was infectious. "Ok, so Rock'em and Sock'em aren't the brightest, right?"

"Yeah, their heads ain't quite on their shoulders." She followed.

"So why are they on the roof for the chase? It seems like a deliberate choice and they don't seem to be the type to know the meaning of the word deliberate."

Titan thought for a while. All the while noises from Icarus' fight flavored the background.

She didn't sound like she was winning, but it didn't sound like they could really hurt her, so we had a little more time.

"So what you're getting at is there's a ring leader." Titan surmised.

"Yeah." I said.

"So..." She thought carefully, "If I were their mastermind, I would make those dummies go on the roof as a distraction.

Keep us supers up there chasing the chuck while the prime rib got away below the action."

"Below the action." I mimicked her. The grate below my feet shook again. I had been absently thinking about it the whole time and just now put it together.

"Titan you're a genius! He's in the subway! Icarus you gotta handle things with just Pandora." I looked at my almost crowbar. "I'm going below the action to catch the mastermind.

With one smooth motion I fit the tool into the side of the grate and popped that sucker off easily. It was time to dive down even further.

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