RNG Writing Prompts- 2/19
RNG Writing Prompts- 2/19 stories

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(So, being a fan of table-top games, I have decided to bring an aspect of that to my somewhat-daily writing prompts. These will be short bits of fiction writing, from writing prompts from online and my friends.

RNG Writing Prompts- 2/19

(So, being a fan of table-top games, I have decided to bring an aspect of that to my somewhat-daily writing prompts.

These will be short bits of fiction writing, from writing prompts from online and my friends.

I then have a 20 sided dice with me which will be rolled for all things that may be challenging that the character faces in the story.

Based on the character I will give them pluses or minuses to the three atributes of Body, Speed, and Mind before the story. Those will be added or subtracted from the dice rolls.

Each problem faced by the character will be a difficulty set from 1-10, correspondingly on the D20, each difficulty is 2 numbers.

The character can spend his or her hit points in Body, Speed, and Mind to add to these dice rolls, but will become incapacitated if the pools run to 0.

This isn't a super balanced game, just one I thought would make writing prompts zany. So I hope you enjoy.)

Story: Buggin' Out.

Character: Martin, an Ant; Stats: Body: ++, Speed: --, Mind: +

Waking up where you didn't go to sleep is always terrible. At least, I'm pretty sure it's always terrible.

This was the first time it happened to me, but I'm sure I would be just as upset if it weren't the first time.

Going to sleep in my nice and comfortable bed, and waking up in rolling black caves is not my ideal morning, The caves' ceiling twisted and flowed strangely like water,

and the floor had a strange give to it. It didn't feel natural under my bare fee...

I didn't have feet. I mean, I didn't NOT have feet. I looked down and had... I don't what they were. My legs looked cylindrical and chitinous, with claw like things at the end.

Looking down even further, I realized I had no arms. I was all legs, all six legs.

I... I... I was an ant. That's what this was, I was an ant. I had turned into a bug, these bouncy caves were the sheets of my bed and my life... My life was... this was too much.

This event was bearing down on my psyche like a dinosaur killing meteor. I was quickly approaching the limits of my sanity. (M, lvl:9)

(Roll: 4, fail) I started laughing, or at least trying too. No sound came out, my hard shell of a body just strangely convulsed as I heard my own laughter in my head.

This wasn't real, this was a dream. I looked up and saw morning light at the end of the tunnels. BED SHEETS. They weren't tunnels they were just bed sheets.

If I make it to the light, I can wake up from this dream.

Skittering along, I desperately crawled toward the edge of my bed. This nightmare needed to end. But it only continued when I heard a reality shaking noise. It was my girlfriend.

She was calling my name. It was hard to tell at first, the sound waves shook my head and I almost couldn't understand them.

But the melody of her voice and the questioning tone made me realize she was looking for me. The bed sheets flew off and the tunnels disappeared.

My world had entirely changed, I was now on the smooth surface of my bed, like a large obsidian plane. Above me towered my girlfriend if she were a fairy tale giant.

For a moment I thought this was the end of the dream. Then she said "ew." and her hand armed with a massive tissue came rocketing toward me. This was surely my doom. (S, lvl:5)

(Roll: 5, fail) I tried to skitter away, but it was futile. Her eye's tracked my movement and her hand moved like a Lovecraftian god, lifting me what seemed like hundreds of feet in the air.

The tissue had me by the leg and pain seared through my body as I felt it get crushed. (speed now: - -)

I crawled desperately and escaped the tissue and onto the side of her hand. The world rushed by me as my giant girlfriend rushed to the toilet with what she thought was an ant filled tissue.

When she tossed it and flushed I was already most of the way up her arm and to her back. I just needed to get away from her, then I could figure out how to wake up from this.

Things were still not going my way when I heard a massive gasp from her head above me. She must have seen the tissue in the toilet with no me in it. Immediately she starts screaming.

That was painful enough, let alone what was coming next. She started slapping her body randomly all over, understanding that I had crawled out of the tissue and climbed onto her. Clever girl.

Her random slaps came down like crashing airliners, I ran as fast as I could. (S, lvl:5)

(Roll: 17, Pass) I made it down her back, just barely avoiding the pummling of her hands. She didn't know where I was so the slaps were random.

This is probably the only reason I was still alive. I made it to the ground. Disappearing into the shag carpet like an alien jungle.

That was a week ago. Day seven and I am still an ant. The police have been by and I'm sure my friends and family are worried sick about me. I'd cry if I could. It is too much for me to take.

(M, Lvl:8)

(Roll:14 needed a 15, fail) I am an ant now. I have found a nest nearby, they seem to have accepted me into their ranks. going out every day and scouting for food, that is what I live for.

Dreams of walking with the giants are just distant dreams. I try to not think of those dreams. Those are the bad dreams.

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