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erenahthe consolation of verbosity
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depression: redux

the flip side

by erenah

when things get to be too much for me,

even though I take the pills, exercise, eat healthily

to say nothing of how hard I try to keep thinking positively

it feels like I'm submerging

into this parallel world where everything happens more slowly

more coldly

except it's only ever me locked

in this alternate reality where even the gravity

acts more heavily upon my body and my mind

ceases working as readily as it needs to,

captive to the headier, red-flag dreams; haunted by

the might-have-beens - and the greater burden of those things I wish hadn't happened to make of me

so inadequate a human being

that I spend so much of my life malfunctioning:

and basically, there is very little I wouldn't give

if it meant not having to deal with feeling like this

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