when an angel falls in love with demon Chapter 1-part 2

when an angel falls in love with 
                   Chapter 1-part 2 angle stories

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Chapter 1 -Part 2

when an angel falls in love with demon Chapter 1-part 2

POV of Tiara Scott

8 years ago... When I was 22 years old, It was a great year of my life, as I had stepped the stone of success in my career.

"I received my first best actress award for the year." I could win the title only by the love of my fans,

And also because of my hard work, everything was new for me, in this world of glamour. I was filled with joy, as it was one of my biggest dreams.

My idol was none other than the most famous actress Isabella Florin to follow her footsteps was my dream goal.

I always wanted to become like her with my hard work and passion, Steadily, I started achieving the goals which I had always desired,

I won back-to-back many awards and appreciation in the industry and started replacing the most famous face of the industry Isabel Florin.

Back then, I didn't know that I will have to pay a huge price for this. On the one hand when I was enjoying my success, Isabella Florin couldn't tolerate the pain of her career downfall.

She felt neglected in the industry due to the loss in her career, and she slowly started to face psychological disorders.

Isabella's career came to an end because of me. Unknowingly I was the reason for her destruction.

She was thirsty for revenge, and day by day, her thirst burned her from inside.

Teaser: To know what Isabella is going to do, to take her revenge !!! Don't miss the: chapter -1-part 3 COMING SOON...

For New Readers : chapter 1- part-1 is available on my Home page (OF COURSE : ) *IF YOU NEED THE LINK CHECK THE COMMENT SECTION

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