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And the winner is ...........

Winner Announcement Weekend Prompt Contest

Hi everybody! Now it's the time many of you have been waiting for, the winner announcement! It was my first contest ever, so I'm really happy (and relieved) that my contest got your interest hehe!

Since it's the contest, there must be the winner. It was really tough decision to make for all of the 5 juries, so please don't be discouraged if you're not chosen.

Now let me explain a little about the scoring system. Each jury had to choose his/her Top 5 entries & had his/her own discretion & scoring system.

Alright, now let me start by announcing... "The Runners-Up!"


RUNNERS-UP @ethernia

RUNNERS-UP @ethernia @alexis123

RUNNERS-UP @ethernia @alexis123 @decemberdaz

RUNNERS-UP @ethernia @alexis123 @decemberdaz and

RUNNERS-UP @ethernia @alexis123 @decemberdaz and @maia333

These 4 runners-up were chosen by majority, which means at least 3 out of 5 juries chose their entries. Please do give their entries a read, if you haven't already! Congratulations guys, keep it up!

Now, it's the time everyone has been waiting for. We're going to announce "THE WINNER!"





CONGRATULATIONS @KGIRL!!! Thanks for GIF support from

@kgirl's entry was chosen by all juries, and got highest position in average. As part of the rewards, the juries would like to give judging notes for the winner as follows!

Judging Notes "Your post had everything I wanted. Imagery, creativity, flow, vibes, presentation and effort. The way you wrote your piece in form of haikus and started from daytime and ended at evening, impressed me. The structure was mind blowing and wasn't creating a chaos as most of the people do it.

Judging Notes You really have a potential and I know that you will become a beautiful writer. This piece was one of your best ones. My favourite. Keep going mate!! You're awesome.🤗" By @alanad

Judging Notes "🌹 Reading your haikus put me in a fantastical stupor. It had everything, from imagery to presentation which encapsulated the ‘beach vibes’, moving from the hazy aura of soaking up the sun, to exfoliating in the sand and watching the blue horizon and the dancing waves.

Judging Notes The titles of each haiku felt like a new chapter to every tide of time; from dawn to nighttide. Such a wonderful piece to read, and I love the brilliance of your mind. 🌹" By @cardenio

Judging Notes "It was a pleasure to read your beautifully written haikus. And especially if it was your first ever attempt at a haiku, way to go!

Judging Notes Amazing effort out in, and awesome imagery shown from dawn to dusk. And the flow was just so very beautiful ❤❤ Keep shining!" By @poeticworld

Judging Notes "You took a risk by trying to attempt writing haikus for the first time for a contest. I just loved that spirit. And as the other juries have already mentioned, your haikus created a smooth flow, just like the waves on a beach.

Judging Notes Very well done & keep that 'need to try unorthodox way to win' spirit. Ohh btw, I am now fan of your haikus 😁" By @samuel_dcosta

Judging Notes "Your entry is one of the entries that impressed me for keeping the concept of beach vibes, and your presentation won my heart. If you didn't mention that it was your first Haiku attempt, who would have believed that!?

Judging Notes It was just perfect as Haiku's concept is about nature and calmness, so yes you really chose the right poetic form. I also loved the idea you took the reader to walk on the beach, through time, with you. Wonderful piece after all! By @juliapimpitcha

Last But Not Least Thanks everyone for your interest. Thanks every contestants who put effort & submitted the entry. Thanks every juries, I really appreciated your kindness. Bye all, have a lovely day!

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