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Rosella: Valentine's Ebook

Hi everyone! Now RJ and I are glad to inform you that, the Valentine's Ebook "Rosella: A Collection of Romantic Poems & Stories" are ready on marketplaces! 😁 You can preorder it (for free!) from now, and it'll be released on 14th February 2021 ❤️

This is how the book looks like!

Current market places: 1. Google Play Books 2. Amazon 3. Kobo (coming soon) 4. Walmart Ebooks (coming soon) The links are in comment ❤️

We would like to thank all participants who submitted entry for this book, no matter your entry has been selected to be published or not 😊 For the ones who have made it, congratulations in advance! You'll know that on Valentine's day once the book is released! I'll announce the results with certificates on that day too 😁

We also wanna give special thank to @antisclxtrovert for being our assistant editor 😊 Editing job wasn't easy, and it was really nice to have an extra help ❤️

Now we have a favor to ask. As we made this book free, please support the writers and us by: - Leave reviews & comments, as many market places as you can. - Shout out this post & tell your friends & family to download it. The more readers, the merrier. - Follow the writers you like on their homepage ❤️

We also have future projects to publish more Ebook 😁 You can subscribe to us to get updates on free books, future projects, release updates and etc. (The link is in description & comment) We won't send you updates often, only the necessary one as it will be manual newsletter. No budget right now! 😂😂😂

We really hope to get some supports from you all 😊 Thanks so much everyone for your interest, we hope you will enjoy Rosella and may the love be with you! ❤️ JR & RJ 10 February 2021

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