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enchantedink https://juliarandrickyj.wordpress.com
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Rising Stars Poetry Mini-contest

Hi all, Are you new to Commaful and/or want more people to see your poem? I have a quick mini-contest here for you! I'll choose 5 poems of any genre & shout out for my 5.5k followers. Now let's see the rules!

RULES 1. You must have LESS than 500 followers & have NOT got a Commaful Star badge yet. (Gifted Writer badge is ok) 2. It must be POEM only & not part of a series. 3. Can be free verse. 4. Can be any genre.

RULES 5. Can be old post. 6. Can NOT be CoMix or collaboration. 7. Post the link in comment. 8. Max 3 entries per 1 account. 9. Submit between 24-28 May 2021 all time zones.

I'll check your entries & shout out the posts that I like, at least 1 post per 1 day. So there will be at least 5 shout-outs. The number of the shout-outs will depend on the number of participants.

If you have more than 500 followers or you already are a Commaful Star, please stay tuned. I'll hold a full contest again later when I'm more free, because I'll need more time to judge, announce & make certificates if it's a full contest.

But, do spread the words for the new poets/poetesses out there. They may need this opportunity! I wish you all the best. May the rhymes and verses be with you. And now... let the mini-contest begin! Best of luck, Julia R.

24 May 2021

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