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It's time to announce the winner!

La'Libertas Contest Winner Announcement!

Dear Commaful, First of all, kindly let me announce that, I've changed my username to @enchantedink, But my pen name will still remain "Julia R."

OK, so, for the La'libertas Contest which I hosted. The submission period was closed, and I was honored to welcome the other 2 juries!

@orcastogether and @qimagine

Thank you so much Diana & Q!

Now, let me thank all participants, everyone nailed this form wonderfully although it was the first time. I'm so impressed!

And since everyone's piece was soooooooooooo stunning, the juries had to create certain criteria guideline to judge. Please let us clarify scoring system a little.

How did we score?

Each jury'd choose their Top 3 based on criteria guideline Rank 1 of each jury = 3 scores Rank 2 of each jury = 2 scores Rank 3 of each jury = 1 scores The one with total highest score shall be the Winner!

OK now enough chitchatting, it's time to announce!

OK now enough chitchatting, it's time to announce! Let's start by... The Runners-up!!!

The 2nd Runner-up

The 2nd Runner-up is

The 2nd Runner-up is @romanticbloom1 With the story "Fantasies"

Congratulations, and here is your certificate!

Moving up to next...

The 1st Runner-up

The 1st Runner-up is

The 1st Runner-up is @anuponymous With the story "Aeonian Indolence"

Congratulations, and here is your certificate!

Now, it's time to announce; THE WINNER


The Winner is

The Winner is @midnightwords With the story "Our Love Song"

Congratulations, and here is your Winner Certificate!

The winner story will get shouted out by me, and a chance to do collaboration with me.

Congratulations to the Winner and the Runners-up! The link to their stories can be found in comment section.

Just for fun, these are possible reactions of the winner's and runners-up's 😂

or this

or this

or this

or this

or maybe this lol 😂

OK that should be all! 😂 You may also check the tag "lalibertascontest" to check all stories submitted to the contest. Now comes the surprising part!

All participants will also get a Certificate of Participation! ❤️ And our juries will also get Certificate of Gratitude! ❤️

(Thank you @debadityadutta for the certificate idea lol) I will send the link to download certificate to everyone in DM.

Thanks so much everyone for your interest! I may host another poetry contest soon! Best ❤️ Julia R. 17 September 2020

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