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An experience of deeply connective love, in a mental, emotional and physical state.

Divided L o v e

417Hz drew us together, Emotionally and mentally we align Our vessels stay far, Dismissing the flow.

There were a few sparks - Our electrons collided with the still air Causing moments of rubbing one another's aches and pains, Subduing our limbs.

Energy between us increases and our distance shortens Our sacral chakras overwhelmed And there we are, two flickering rays Merging into one.

We steadily bounced off each other Finding warmth in each encounter, But the heat became too much to bear - Halt.

The glass around us shattered Our frequencies plummeted We repelled ever so quickly, Our hearts now cold

The hollowing sound of our separation, Startled those around us The fragments of what existed, Became visible

A mixture of betrayal and shock, Swept the faces of our loved ones Connections now tarnished, No chance to rekindle

As negative as it may have been I still must say thank-you For moments of spark and for enlightenment, Towards me

I now know my shortfalls. We became a catalyst for us all to change Internally and externally, Raising our vibrations,


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