our timelime
our timelime scare stories
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emphasisonpetit i might or might not make sense
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a time i was insecure about my longtime friendship coming to an end

our timelime

by emphasisonpetit


yeah — okay [ ... ]

right, i forgot — sigh

​im tired

im tired of this

can we just talk? like the old times

​its not the same anymore

what happened?

​laughing, its weird now

awkward talking and abrupt stop came, flowing conversations went

​We used to hold hands

​now you're starting to let go you're just letting me hold your little finger

it's as if, there was only a promise that could hold us together a shitty promise and that our love for each other is not even enough

​our friendship what became of it now?

​ i don't know and im scared to know

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