My Pain
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emmeliarocheste"I will be strong when love is gone."
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Depression is a disease, not a characteristic.

My Pain

by emmeliarocheste

My beginning is a bright sun The tale of a story with more than one Your beginning is much like your end Unwarned and a surprise without a friend

My life is a tidy string of rope With twists and curves full of hope Yours is a knot with no beginning, just an end Where losing is normal, and you never win

I write a story with papers and a pen With once upon a time and a fairy tale end You write a story in lines and marks Of how everyone you knew broke your heart

My stars are a tale of wonder as we sleep Where love and hope dance as we count our sheep You look at the stars and all you see Are the dreams that shattered and cut you deep

A friend is a person who got me through And fixed me up, good as new Your friends are just people who could hurt you Cut you up and destroy the world you knew

A sorry for me is an admit of a wrong A word that shows a person is strong Sorry for you is just another lie That people say before they sign your goodbye

A smile is hope, is love, is bright A way I express my sheer delight A smile for you is painted on Unless you carve one out when you can't be strong

A demon to me is an evil entity Something that blurs your clarity A demon to you is what hides inside The things you fight throughout the night

My world is a canvas, my life a dream Where I paint smiles and eyes that gleam Your world is a war zone with blood and gore As you fight your demons that come in a horde

No one ever said life was easy or fair You got more pain than your own share But here's a question that no one knows the answer to How do you tell between us, who is who?

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