In The Dark By @emmaweasley
In The Dark

By @emmaweasley romance stories
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Nyx has always be alone. Scared, quiet. Then she meets Jackson. A strong confident teenage boy. But everyone is against them..why?

In The Dark By @emmaweasley

This is Nyx.

This is Jackson.

Two Complete Opposites.

How could they become such good friends..or..even a little more then friends

This is Grace. Mean girl surperior. She hates Nyx. And she loves Jackson

"OMG Nyx, what are you wearing, this is school not the garbage dump"

"like yeah!" ( This is Maggie, Grace's best friend)

*mumbling* 'what ever Grace"

"hiii jackson"

"uhh Hey Grace"

"I'm gonna go outside" *walkes to the courtyard*

"Hey wait up!" *follows her outside*


"i was wondering if ya wanted to go to the beach..with me? Tomorrow? at 8 AM? " Oh..uhh sure"

Like for a part 2! Maia Mitchell as Nyx Ross Lynch as Jackson Dove Cameron as Grace Sofia Carson as Maggie - Emma out!

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