Tumblr love: first part.
Tumblr love: first part. purity stories

emmahernndez I love kind people. INFP.
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1/3 parts of a short love story.

Tumblr love: first part.

by emmahernndez

She was an international student.

Shy, lonely, kind, deep, lovely, insecure.

He was not.

Sociable, impulsive, observer, affable, gallant.

He tried to talk to her. She felt offended by his words because she thought he was making fun of her.

“You're beautiful”

he said before she ran away.

He apologized the next day. She accepted it.

He asked about something special for her. She replied her Tumblr was special for her.

He asked her user. She told him he should do something special first. And he did. He wrote a letter.

“Hi, Tumblr.

A few days ago, I met this super enigmatic girl with whom all I want to do every time I'm next to her is to know more and more about her but she doesn't let me to.

She's private. She's shy. She's beautiful and she doesn't even notice it.

She asked me to do something unpredictable. Something that could demonstrate I'm not a fuckboy or someone that just wants to use her and leave her with a hurricane.

She told me her Tumblr was all about her. She told me that her deepest thoughts were there, and I want to know about them so I asked her to tell me her user but she just... smiled slightly and

Refused to tell me.

She looked into my eyes and I never felt my heart racing more than in that moment before. Then she told me "Do something special and I'll reveal my special for you."

She was joking.

She fucking was but I wasn't. I want her. I need to know what's inside of her, no matter if it's pure darkness or not.

For some reason, I care about this girl I don't even know yet. This shit hasn't ever happened to me before.

I know she's blue. I know she probably thinks I don't care. I know someone hurt her enough to believe she isn't beautiful.

So I'm asking you, Tumblr, I'm begging you... reblog this until she sees it.

Reblog this until this message gets to Lyn.”

It will be continued...

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