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emmahernndezI love kind people. INFP.
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Love Introverts.

by emmahernndez

Most people usually

don't let Introverts be introverts. They think and say that something's wrong with them because they don't like the usual:

Parties. Drinking. Hanging out. Talking lots. Kissing strangers. Dancing in public. Pick up the phone.

Normal things Extroverts would do.

But you know what? Introverting's okay.

Introverts are not boring just because they don't like that.

Introverts are normal people with the right of being what they are. What they like to be.

What's NOT okay is

People asking us to change. So stop requesting this. Stop saying being too quiet's not okay. Stop forcing us to speak in front of people. Stop asking us to be different.

Love us the way we are.

And if you need a reason to love us, here are some:

1. We're going to listen to you as nobody else ever has.

2. We won't ruin the serious moments with stupid meaningless

Things like: ''So... you feel bad because your dog died. Maybe we should go and get you laid.''

3. We're going to give you space when you need it.

But will never leave you alone.

4. We're not going to judge you if you don't feel like

talking. We know that exact feeling.

5. We stop and appreciate things.

People's always in a hurry. We like to stop for a moment, breathe and just enjoy little simple things like the neighbors' tree.

And yeah, maybe I'm generalizing because

not every introvert is like this. I know some that aren't. And maybe you shouldn't love us for those things I named - they're kinda stupid, yeah.

So you can notice that wasn't my point in the whole story.

My point is...

If you like a person for liking the stars, why would you ask them to also like the blue sky?

Accept people for who they are.

Introverts, Extroverts.

Black, White. Hetero, Homo. Religious, No religious. Boy, Girl. Impulsive, Overthinkers. Fat, Thin.

At the end, our coffin won't define us

for the things we wanted to be so bad and couldn't. So instead of getting adapted to people wanting us to change, make people get adapted to the fact of accepting us for who we are.

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