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emmahernndez I love kind people. INFP.
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A year.

by emmahernndez

A year full of darkness

and sadness and dispair and insecurities

A year in which I though I would never

ever move forward. Be over you.

I remember crashing and

I also remember healing. I remember falling and I remember standing up. I remember calling and I remember don't getting an answer.

I remember loving and loving And also losing you anyways.

more and more

I remember that

a year from now I was not the same person. And because of that, I know my past is proud of who I've become.

Proud because I've grown.

I'm mature, analiytic, intuitive, loving, caring,

I stopped my darkness from

overwhelming all of me and I accepted it as my only truth. I am the darkness. I am that and I accept who I am.

But I am also the affection.

I'm the love. I'm the hope. I'm the life. I'm many things and I would've never figure that out

Without you.

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