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People take the easy route to get where they're going.

By: Ashley-Emma

Matchbox Infinity

by Ashley-Emma

Throw me away because I'm no longer useful to you

Like a matchstick that won't light the second time you scrape it against the red phosphorus siding of the box

"That's okay," you think, "there are dozen's more in this box".

"Fresh ones, ones that will perform their initial function". you think, "This is certainly easier than trying to make the first match work again".

What you failed to realize

Is that there was spark left in me

But you lacked the effort to ignite it

Don't worry...

I become more resilient at the bottom of a trash can With a bit of white phosphorus left at the end of my bulbous tip

I watch you light the next match... with ease, too.

Hold it to your cigarette...

Watch that burn down...

Until the filter touches your lips...

And you forget that matches even exist.

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