How I Broke My Leg While Providing Commercial Painting Services!
How I Broke My Leg While Providing Commercial Painting Services! commercial painting lexington ma/ stories

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A story About Commercial painters of Lexington MA who make me co-owner of one of the best interior painting company.


How I Broke My Leg While Providing Commercial Painting Services!

"Noooooooo," I screamed loudly in excruciating pain when the nurse tried to move my leg. "It will pain a little bit but then you will feel fine and will be able to walk finally.

" She spoke in an emotionless tone. I tried to do the exercise suggested by her but gave up after taking a few steps.

Breathing heavily as if I have run for miles, I asked her to take me to my room. Tears welled up in my eyes when I laid down on the hospital bed.

A week before I never thought I would land in this situation. With a broken leg, laying alone in the hospital room. I was a painting contractor who offered a commercial painting in Lexington MA.

It was my second month into the job and here I am. Tears welled up in my eyes thinking about my condition. I needed money to pay my college fee. I was doing three odd jobs to make the ends meet.

On top of it, my family was also not here to provide me with moral support.

Before I indulged in more self-pity, the door to my hospital door sprang opened and my manager strode in.

With an expressionless face and unremorseful voice,

he asked about my condition and then told me that due to my accident they had to incur so much loss as the project was not completed on time due to which they had

to return back client's half payment. I already knew what he was going to utter next. With a dreading heart and glistening eyes, I heard him say that they couldn't take work with them anymore.

I wanted to scream my lungs out that it was not my fault that I had a nasty fall and that he will not get hardworking, loyal & faithful interior painters like me.

It rained that unhateful day due to which the ladder slipped and I fell from the height.

In the dazed state I saw him extending termination letter along with my monthly dues. I did not deserve this at all. I thought while falling into the deepest pit of self-loathing.

After doing the marketing of my company that they provide the best exterior paint in the town, I didn't deserve this.

I don't remember when I slid into a deep slumber but when I woke up next my best friend Joe was sitting beside my bed. The aroma of Cinnabon roll fueled my hunger.

I looked up at him with groggy eyes while trying to sit on the bed properly.

After making me comfortable, he shoved food in my mouth and gave me the biggest good news of my life. He had opened a startup and needed local painting contractors in Lexington MA.

Did he just offer me the job? I couldn't believe my ears. Two years down the lane, I am a co-owner of one of the best interior painting company in the town. Thanks to Joe!

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