How it started *Drarry*
How it started *Drarry* stories
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How it started *Drarry*

It all started when I was little...

...a stupid guy without a nose tried to kill me, after he killed my mum and dad.

I guess he didn't like the fact he couldn't beat a baby

Now zooming past my strait days. I had to spend my life growing up with my fat uncle and aunt. They had a boy, who was so big he was not whatsoever fuckable.

I had only went to check the mail and to my suprise.... I got a letter!! I never got one before, besides from my secret boyfriend!!

Ok you caught me, I had nobody, I was a lonely child

Too many letters came, so my dreadful uncle mad us run away.

Then a big guy almost 5 time my size, popped up in the house my uncle forced up to run away to, and told me I was a wizard.

Then the best thing happened, he shot magic out of his umbrella and created a pig tail on my cousin. (Best day ever) I could have kissed him everywhere *hints*

He took me to a magical place and I got all my stuff for school, blah blah blah. I then seen him

A very cute boy, his hair was about as white as my face was after I seen him

I don't really think he liked me, because he slapped me. Then I knew it, it was love at first slap

But that's all you need to know about my love life

Bye bish

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