tangled hotel sheets sunlight in your eyes

tangled hotel sheets

sunlight in your eyes bad timing stories

emilygaltizer Community member
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vague explanation of how i fell so deeply, why i'm still falling despite the demons and the messy struggles we face.

tangled hotel sheets sunlight in your eyes

water rolling down your body a look of amazement in your eyes

elevator rides comfort in the silence

popcorn fights the back row like teenagers

slow dancing in parking lots late night vulnerability two hour goodbyes

slivers of golden light in your green eyes

the all star special memorizing the way you take your coffee

showing you off wearing you on my arm like a new bracelet

kissing in the downpour

dancing at weddings

movie moments "so this is what love should feel like"

a sudden storm bad timing internal struggle to let love in demons in your mind

refusing to give up love worth fighting for worth being patient

overthinking clinging to you pushing you further

living in the memories rarely making more a difficult situation looking naive

understanding anyway loving you through the chaos the mess

a gut feeling to stay logical thoughts say to run

trying to wiggle my way in over your wall

fear of the unknown blind faith

patience knowing in my heart

waiting waiting waiting hoping hoping hoping

staying staying staying

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