The Prince of the Past ||part 1||
The Prince of the Past ||part 1|| " stories

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Noah goes to his history class and learns about the great mystery of Prince Ethan who went missing 500 years ago. When he starts heading home he bumps into a boy wearing a long blue cape and a floppy crown what will he do when he starts researching the prince and finds out that the prince is with him in that very moment?

The Prince of the Past ||part 1||

500 years ago...

"Prince Ethan! Come back"

The prince of which was bolting out running as far away from the castle as he could. He smiles, he knows that he is the fastest runner in the kingdom.

He went through thin areas knowing that horses will not be able to get through.

"And that..." My history teacher closed is book. "Happened exactly 500 years ago on this day. Any questions?"

Annabeth raised het hand "Why would he run away? He was the prince, seems pretty cool if I do say so myself."

"Well Miss Wilds we will never quite know. We can't even findd his body or his cape... Crown, everything. Seems like he is gone for good.

Here is your homework and study the prince please! He is very interesting I have a link to a helpful website on the second page!"

The bell rings. I walk out with my friends Nathan and Jack. "That's so weird dude how is he gone?" Jack asked, like we knew. We both shrugged, Mr and Nathan. "I wonder if he is still alive.

" Jack was saying nonsense now.

"How its been, what five hundred years?"

"Yeah, Jack you are getting way over your head."

Jack laughs and changed the subject. "So any girls you wanna ask to the dance?"

"I am eyeing Annabeth, she is really cute and smart!" We all knew Nathan had a crush on Annabeth.

"I think I'm gonna ask out Elizabeth, OH NATHAN we can have the two Beth's together, AnnaBETH and ElizaBETH! What about you Noah?"

"I-i dunno... I am bisexual so maybe there could be a guy or something." I shrugged and they both smiled and hugged me.

"OH NO! I'm gonna be late for dinner! Bye guys!" I waved off and started to book it!

The bus driver was sick so I had to run. I ran through the forest. It was a shortcut. Then I see a boy in a blue cape who was running too. He had a long blue cape following him.

"Where are you of too, role-playing nerd?" I knew that was rude but I could not help it, he was wearing a crown and cape for heavens sake!

"Wouldn't you like to know?" The boy responds, coldly. Well deserved...

"Um... Yeah actually, that is why I asked." The boy rolled his eyes. Then suddenly they got really big.

"What is that you are wearing" he pointed at my hoodie. He could be either A: really stupid or B: really into character. I played along

"A hoodie never seen?" I asked in a joking voice

"No actually. Is it cozy?" They boy looked in my eyes and my face flushed. His eyes were really beautiful. "Hello earth to hoodie boy?" I realized I was starring.

"uh yeah yeah... It is very... Uh cozy" I could not think straight. I was falling way too hard and way too fast. "You look lost..."

"I am actually."

"Ok stops role playing and talk to me normally stop using that fake accent."

"First of all what is 'role playing' second of all this" He emphasized his voice. "is real."

"Oh..." Was he gone to far in his role playing or was he actually serious...

"Do you have a place I could stay overnight I need rest I have been running for hours and I think I am lost."

"Don't you have a phone"

"A what now?"

"A phone" I grabbed mine so he could see.

"No I do not have a phone... But I do have a music box" he pulled out a tiny box

"Uh... You can have dinner at my place just let me text my mom" The boy nodded but he looked confused

"so what is your name" I asked

"Do you not know it is rude to ask someones name without introducing yourself!" He glared at me. I blushed he was pretty cute when he was mad or whatever this was

"Uh sorry I am Noah" I asked as I sent a text to my mom giving her a heads up

"I am Ethan." We shook hands and we walked to my house.

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