Mystery quirk!!! Mha fanfic part 2
Mystery quirk!!! Mha fanfic part 2
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Just another MHA fanfic

Mystery quirk!!! Mha fanfic part 2

Your next class was with All Might, so you’re extra excited to meet him for the first time! At the same time you’re really worried because you haven’t experienced your quirk. For a long time you thought you were quirk-less, but a quick trip to the doctor revealed your bone structure was made for a you were always hoping it would come sooner or later

You always assumed that you were just a late bloomer, so you were excited to go to UA because you were hoping your professor could help you bring out your quirk. As you walk into UA’s training hall, it was very warn down from all the previous students but at the same time it was a site to behold You started to fan girl over how many pro heros trained in this very building.

To think about all the kids who grew up to be famous heros and trained in this very room! You noticed how the training hall had many different biomes. It helps that they think about how every biome can improve your quirk, or challenge it. like if you had a quirk that needs water a pond would be a great leverage for your quirk in battle.

UA is really amazing, to think about how to improve their students. You’re determined to find your quirk, with the equipment, people, and this type of training hall you’re bound to find something out about you’re absent quirk! All might reveals that they are just training and trying to improve their quirks nothing special.

Bakugo, Kirishima, Sero, Denki, and Mina also known as the, “Bakusquad,” all head over to the rock formation to get warmed up. Iida, Uraraka, and deku all head of towards the rock formation too, probably to do the same as the bakusquad. You’re kinda embarrassed about your quirk problem so you chose not to go over there to save your self from the embarrassment.

All the others head off to the different biomes that fit their quirk. For example Asui went to a body of water, and Tokoyami went to an abandoned building to get lots of  shady area so his quirk could be of use. You look around and try to find a good place to practice finding your quirk. 

You found a nice little area under a tree were nobody was near by. It was silent and peaceful. The falling of the leaves on the tree was soothing and made you feel drowsy. You sit down leaning on the tree, it was almost as if you were in a field with flowers everywhere surrounding you. You shake of the sleepy feeling and start to meditate.

Late last night you read that if you are having trouble with your quirk it’s good to meditate on it, try to connect with the inner flow of your quirk. A quirk is almost like a battery powered light. When you’re quirk-less you’re just missing the battery. When you can’t connect to you quirk it’s like a big sheet of snow covering the cold winter floor.

Insulating the warmth. But in this case it’s insulating the flow of your quirk. As you sit there and try to connect with your quirk a brief yellow glow comes from your chest, you look down and panic a little, but close your eyes and think it’s to late to stop now. You continue you meditate until the glowing stops.

....What was that glowing....

You hear all might say that class is dismissed and that to be careful on the way home. You rush out thoughts running through your head, you’ve never experienced anything like what you just had. You get everything together and head out, not looking back. You’re definitely not excited to wake up early again tomorrow.

UA is more exhausting then you thought it would’ve been. You got on the train humming all the way home. When you got home you ignored the note on the fridge from your mother knowing it was the usual probably something like, “Won’t be home until late, so just take some money out of the emergency funds and order something good!”

You whisper to yourself, “great another evening to myself.” Even a toddler probably could sense the sarcasm in that sentence. You open your door and plop down on your bed giving a monstrous sigh. After today, nothing would ever be the same.

Thank you for reading part 2! I really enjoyed writing this chapter, I hope you can tell! I honestly don’t know what to make of the quirk I’m still struggling to pick one out. Maybe you guys can suggest one in the comments! Love you all!! ✨💕💖

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