What The Future (Doesn't) Hold [Part 1]
What The Future (Doesn't) Hold  [Part 1] ruby rose stories

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Weiss and Ruby are happy together, but how long will this happiness last?

Ruby mulls over her relationship with Weiss and realizes that it just won't work out.

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What The Future (Doesn't) Hold [Part 1]

Your mama painted your room

A shade of pink, she said

But with your great arrival

That shade has turned to red

- Twenty One Pilots

Ask anyone in Beacon and they'll tell you about the antics team RWBY gets into. In the middle of all that chaos would be the ever loveable Ruby herself.

Ruby, who had barged into Weiss' heart and made herself home.

Weiss was sure as hell not happy with being grouped with Ruby to share a dorm in the beginning of first year. Ruby was everything she had disliked.

Obnoxious, loud and always jumping into trouble without a second thought.

She doesn't know when all this changed, when she started to consider Ruby as an actual friend and cared for her but here she was anyways.

The infamous 'Ice Queen' was slowly growing onto this little ball of energy and pure determination despite how much she denies it.

Weiss,for one had never really considered romance more than a stepping stone to success, the merging of two wealthy business companies.

Though she didn't particularly liked this, it was tradition after all. She had long ago accepted she would be married off to a boy whose father owns a rich company when she grows older.

It's for the better good. At least, thats what she told herself.

She was raised from a very rich background where mind games and deceit is most strong and being around Ruby was like a weight was lifted from her back.

She didn't need to keep up a strong serious facade around Ruby, she liked her for all of her sides. She didn't have to be on high alert for deceit or lies either. Just contentment.

Just two friends enjoying each other's company. Returning home after being with her friends was like a slap from reality.

Weiss knows this was her fate, to be caught in a web of her family's dealings, to be always be the subject of someone's mind games. She had accepted that. But how she wished it wasn't the case.

After each passing day, her longing to be able to get closer to her friends and talk to them about the true nature of her family grows.

Especially to Ruby. Weiss had badly wanted to tell Ruby about herself, to have her know more about her, for Ruby to give her the brightest smile and her words of encouragement.

Shortly after Year 2 kicked off, she couldn't hold herself back after seeing her friends together and being so much more like a family than her actual family was.

Weiss finally opened up to her friends about it. Weiss considers this one of the best decisions she's made.

Ruby had supported and was Weiss' friend all throughout the duration of their friendship (and her not-so-friendly phase), even during her ups and downs.

She just wasn't quite sure when was it that they became more than friends.

Perhaps when they first kissed? or when started holding hands as they walked around campus?

Whenever and however it happened, she was glad the nature of their relationship had changed to something more intimate, as lovers. They would still bicker, yes, but it's all in good nature.

They fit nicely, constantly motivating each other to do their best and improve themselves. The most impressive thing about the duo was that they were a powerhouse when working as a team.

It doesn't matter what was it they were doing, they'd be sure to find a way to beat your ass in it.

The raw combination of Weiss' analytic and logical nature as well as Ruby's willingness to face challenges head on and her instinctual talent was what allowed the duo to gain a good footing

when dealing with things. They operated as one unit, balancing one another's flaws and enhancing the others strong points.

Ruby was everything Weiss didn't know she needed.

After they officially admitted they were dating, Ruby and Weiss started being more comfortable around each other,

frequently staying up late telling each other dumb stories and their own hopes and dreams. Weiss has never felt a strong adoration for anyone before she met Ruby.

She was the brightest star in her life.

Which was exactly why Weiss was surprised to see Ruby walk to class on unsteady feet and dull eyes. This was really unlike Ruby, causing Weiss to worry for her tiny girlfriend.

Though, Weiss decided to give Ruby some space. She would recover from whatever this is by tomorrow, she always does, Weiss tries to comfort herself.

She didn't.

Ruby only grew more distant as the days pass, as do her eyebags. Weiss doesn't know what to do.

Whenever she tries to confront Ruby to find out what was going on, she only got shut out in the cold with a curt 'I'm fine,' and a slightly annoyed look.

This made Weiss' heart clench in pain, although she'd never show it.

Ruby would even come back to their dorm during really late hours to avoid a confrontation with her.

The last straw was when Ruby straight up turned tail and ran off when she spotted Weiss walking down the same hallway.

Weiss, fueled with hurt and confusion from the week of silent treatment chased after Ruby, her feet punding the floor and her bag flapping against her back.

"Ruby! Please stop!" Weiss yelled out, earning disapproving glances and muttering from the students mingling in the hallways as they ran past. "Did I do something wrong?"

No reply. They continued this chase down a few more hallways before all Weiss saw was a blur of red and Ruby was gone, just like that.

Weiss stood there for a while, a little bewildered by what just went down. I can't believe her! Weiss fumed,stomping to her dorm room.

After a total of thirty minutes of cleaning their shared room angrily, she flopped onto her bed and checked her phone.

If anyone knows where Ruby is, she'd figure Yang is the most likely to know out of their friend group. Yang is her sister after all.


Ice Qween: Hey,Yang have you seen Ruby?

Thot Police: no,why tho? did she do something again

Ice Qween: She has been avoiding me as of late

Ice Qween: It's quite worrying

Thot Police: hmm you'd probs find her at the astronomy tower

Thot Police: the one that overlooks the west side of the campus. It's her usual haunt

Ice Qween: Okay,thank you

Thot Police: go get some ( ͡◉ ͜ʖ ͡◉)

Ice Qween: yANG

Thot Police: HAHAHA


Weiss got up and shoved her phone into her pocket. Her heels clack as she strides towards her destination with burning determination. It's time to find her little red riding hood.

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