Hostage - A Creepypasta fanfiction part 2
Hostage - A Creepypasta fanfiction part 2 creepypasta stories
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After everyone ate and left the table, I picked up the plates and washed the dishes. Once I was done I overheard Jeff saying how he had to go on a mission.

Hostage - A Creepypasta fanfiction part 2

After everyone ate and left the table, I picked up the plates and washed the dishes.

Once I was done I overheard Jeff saying how he had to go on a mission.

"Can I come?" I asked, almost running to the door.

"No." Jeff answered.

"Please let me come I won't bother you. You won't even know I'm there."

He sighed. "Fine but don't think I won't kill you."

I smiled and took out a black mask from my pocket, putting it on.

Jeff didn't say anything and we both left. I looked over his shoulder and saw the address on the slip of paper he had.

I knew where that was. I knew who lived there.

I looked around and saw a fairly big rock. I carefully and quietly picked it up and hit Jeff on the back of the head.

He went down and I took his knife before running where Jeff was supposed to go.

It didn't take long to get there but I was a bit out of breath so I crouched behind a bush and caught my breath for 10 minutes since I knew someone would hear me breathing if I didn't.

After catching my breath, I quietly climbed in through a first-floor window. I gripped the knife and crept to the door, looking out to make sure no one was around.

Seeing no one, I went upstairs. I quietly opened the door and saw someone sitting at a desk with their back to me. I closed the door and crept up behind them.

I grabbed them and threw them onto the floor. He yelped a bit and landed on his back.

"P-parker? I thought you were dead." He looked up at me with a mixture of shock, fear, and confusion on his face.

I stood over him holding the knife. "No, but you'll be." With that I slit his throat and watched him choke on his own blood as he tried to catch his breath.

"Ethan? Are you ok Honey?"

I heard a woman coming up the stairs and stood next to the door so I wouldn't be seen when it opened.

I didn't have to wait long before I saw it open.


I quickly moved from my hiding spot, put my hand over her mouth, and held my knife to her throat. "Ethan can't really talk right now. He's a little...dead. But don't worry you can join him.

" I slit her throat and pushed her onto the floor.

"I'm home."


I crept downstairs and crouched behind the kitchen counter.


I heard footsteps walking around. They went through the kitchen and into the living room.

I quietly left my hiding place and followed.

"Honey? Etha-"

I stabbed him in the side.

The man turned around holding his hand to his side. "W-who the hell-"

I held the knife under his chin. "Ah. I wouldn't worry about who I am. I'd worry about whether you're going to leave this house again."

"What do you want? I'll give you whatever you want." He pleaded as he looked down at me.

I chuckled. "what I want?" I stabbed his stomach and twisted the knife. Never once breaking my gaze. "What I want. You can't give me."

He dropped onto the floor with a thud and I turned around to see Jeff staring at me looking very pissed.


I went for the window and jumped out. I landed wrong and started rolling. I landed on the knife and cut my hand.

I winced but grabbed it and started running.

I suddenly felt myself falling and I hit the ground. The knife was thrown from my hand and landed a few feet away. I tried reaching for it but saw a hand grab it before I could.

Then I felt a foot kick me in order to turn me onto my back.

Jeff wrapped his hands around my throat and started to cut off my oxygen supply.

"You little shit! You really thought you could smash my head in with a rock and steal my knife and I wouldn't do anything?"

I just looked at him and gripped his wrists.

He loosened his grip a bit. "Why did you kill those people?"

I still didn't say anything.

"Answer me!"

"Because that kid is the reason I was in the forest in the first place! Him and his stupid friends!"

Jeff let go of my neck and I coughed trying to catch my breath.

"Don't ever do that again." He threatened as he got up.

I got up too and started walking back toward the mansion. Jeff grabbed my arm and I stopped, he walked in front of me and let go off my arm.

We got back to the mansion and I grabbed Jeff's wrist. "Uh Jeff?"

"What?" He said as he jerked his arm out of my grip.

"How are we going to explain why I'm covered in blood and you're not?"

He scratched his head. "Oh. Right." He looked around as he tried to think of what to do.

I looked around and saw a deer.

Not exactly what I had in mind, but we didn't have many options.

I quickly climbed a tree and crawled to the branch of the tree next to it until I was almost on top of the deer.

I put on my mask and quietly jumped down from the branch, landing behind the deer. It heard me and tried to run but I pounced onto it's back and brought it down.

It struggled to get away, but I held on. I grabbed its head and snapped its neck and the deer stopped moving. I stood up and Jeff came up behind me.

"So, what's the deer for?" He asked as he put his hands in his jean pockets.

"Isn't it obvious? You can use it's blood to make it look like nothing happened."

"That's... not a bad idea." He said and glared at me.

I crossed my arms and smirked as he took out his knife and stabbed the deer.

It didn't take long for him to become covered in blood and we went inside the mansion when he was done.

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