To love or not to love
To love or not to love stories

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an adaptation of Shakespeare's hamlet to be or not to be

To love or not to love

by embry

To love or not to love

That is the question. Tis nobler of the heart to suffer the aches and pains of loneliness or abandonment? Or to take arms with cupids arrow into the sea of love and search for companionship?

To love, to imagine-

The dry spell, the nights of low self esteem that heartbreak heir to. Tis consummation devoutly to be wished.

To love, to imagine

Ay there's the rub. For that beautiful image of love, bursting heartbeats And sweaty palms are all creations of what may come when we close our hearts for the final time, must give us pause.

Sweet apparitions of the noble knight in his armor and shine. A heroin to the people, offering salvation to the lost princess.

The sweet caress of lips and tokens of gratitude after the rescue of a damsel in distress.

For who can bear the masses of heavy hearts and broken promises?

The lover's wrong and the heart-breaker's success, the pangs of despised affection, the betrayal of emotions equate to the betrayal from the neglecting partner.

Sweet lies, that once filled the empty chambers in your heart, become drained by the truth of superficial lover's unworthy whispers.

To wail and scream in pain from the dying of butterflies in the pit of thy stomach.

Rarely forewarned about the untold story of the consequences that come from love For love is what we sacrifice ourselves to find Will anyone ever learn their lesson?

For we walk into love blind, deaf and mute. But we accept the madness of love and continue to seek the one, The perfect one.

Only the heart, the delicate heart, continues to beat despite the fractures and breaks. Only the strong heart can endure love.

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