[Ch3] Poison in Paradise A Star Wars FanFiction

       [Ch3] Poison in Paradise 
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The 3rd chapter from my Star Wars FanFiction is up. Thank you everyone for your patience, my exams are finally over and from now on I will post updates regularly. Enjoy!

[Ch3] Poison in Paradise A Star Wars FanFiction

Chapter 3 There is no Emotion, there is Peace

"I seriously doubt my sanity out here." These were Rey’s first words when she arrived on Ahch-To after Master Luke died.

And she kept repeating them every time she met an obstacle in her path of gaining greater knowledge.

Why was she doing this to herself? She knew where to find the Resistance, but was afraid of doing so.

What if Kylo Ren would reach for her again? She needed to learn how to block him... ...but for that she had to start somewhere, even if her enthusiasm was slowly fading away.

Rey was falling to pieces by every moment she spent there and she knew the consequences, but something kept her from leaving.

She closed her eyes again, on the same rock, on the same cliff as her former Master. She believed for it to be sacred.

She knew that every time she was to start meditating, the turmoil would follow and she would get distracted. But this time she was wrong.

For the first time she found her lost inner-self and slowly began regaining her truest power of them all, hope. She felt alive.

The Force was flowing through her fingers at first, but soon her whole soul was to be injected with this sweetest poison of them all.

Time passed by and she felt it not.

She became addicted to this state of calmness that she never felt before and thanked the Universe and The Force for allowing her to exist there, in that moment.

She opened her eyes. It was sunset already, she must of really got carried away, but she was happy. She took in a deep breath and got up but something was off.

She felt lighter and there was no interaction between her and the surroundings. She turned around and there she saw him, meditating just as she did before.

He was so peaceful, it was the first time she saw him that way. There was no trail of Darkness on his expression, there were no scars, just serenity.

He was younger, his hair slightly shorter and was dressed up in clothes similar to hers.

Was this a vision from the past, from when there was no Kylo Ren, just Ben Solo? Why would she see him there? She forgot about her moments of inner peace because she felt fascinated by him.

Her soul became heavy and felt an urge to touch his face with her fingers but hesitated.

Rey’s heart was racing, but she was aware he couldn’t see her. None of this was real.

Suddenly he looked behind him and then she saw Master Skywalker telling him something. She couldn’t understand, the words were scrambled and barely audible.

Ben got up and turned around to face his Master, bowed before him and then left.

A shiver brought Rey back to reality. What was this? She felt she had this vision for a reason, but she just couldn’t put her finger on it.

Why did she see Luke and Ben on the same island that she was and why didn’t she understand what Master Luke told him? It was still day-time there, in the own reality that she was living.

She knew she had to find her answers so she closed her eyes again. Ben’s face appeared to her almost instantly.

They were back to the same place, but as fast as his image appeared, so it disappeared.

"What? No!" She wanted to see him again but it didn’t work anymore. Her mind was no longer focused.

"Why? Why out of all people I had to see you?" She sworn revenge on him for killing Luke Skywalker.

She despised him, felt hatred for him but in those moments, all those emotions were forgotten and replaced by something else, something that scarred her deeply. She let out a long sight.

Rey knew what she had to do next and she wasn’t going to resist the temptation.

There she was, once again, in the same cave that Luke told her to never visit. If before she searched for her parents’ identity there, now she wanted to find out more about her vision.

This time it was pitch black. Rey tried to adjust her eyes to the absence of light, but failed. She was afraid, how would she go back if she cannot even see where the exit was.

"Will live and tell she told herself." She hoped that by a miracle she would see Ben here and guide her way. Him to be the one to bring light to her when she needed it most.

Her mind began searching for his, hoping on achieving a Force Bond, but she had no power.

"Hello? Anybody there?" There was no echo. Just her voice heard in the nothingness she was surrounded by. It began to feel like an eternity.

Down there, Rey didn’t exist anymore... ...for she was just another trapped soul.

"Please, Ben, if you can hear me, help me, I am lost..."

To be continued

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