[Ch2] Poison in Paradise A Star Wars FanFiction

        [Ch2] Poison in Paradise 
         A Star Wars FanFiction luke skywalker stories

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This is the 2nd chapter from my Star Wars Fanfiction, Poison in Paradise. Enjoy!

[Ch2] Poison in Paradise A Star Wars FanFiction

Chapter 2 Master and Apprentice

"Breathe. Just breathe." Her former master’s words wandered her mind like a shadow. She needed to start all over.

Rey was aware now of her power and how strong it was, but she was weak at the same time because she knew not how to control it.

She tried to meditate in the same place she had her first lesson with Luke. Days have passed but she did not regain her peace of mind that she needed in order to properly start her training.

Why was she weaker now that she had nobody to look up to?

Those horrid images of the war she was part of kept coming back at her every time she closed her eyes. "Breathe." But she couldn’t keep them shut for more than mere seconds.

Sleep was a curse, as was the loneliness she knew she had to battle against, but felt she had nowhere else to go.

She looked at both of the Suns that were soon to be replaced by the cold, dark night. The dusk was a privilege for her as it was the only event of the day that gave her hope for a new beginning.

One day she would become a true Jedi.

"Am I destined to rise? Am I destined to fall? Please, Master Skywalker, give me a sign." He was the only one that would have been able to be there for her. Help her.

He was her master after all. But every time she called for him, she hit a dead silence, a wall of nothingness. She began to doubt him, herself, everything.

Somewhere, far away from this place, her friends were hiding from the reign of the First Order and their new Supreme Leader, Kylo Ren.

The mere thought of his name brought her disgust, anger, hatred, clouded her mind and made her feel betrayed.

"I was betrayed by my own foolishness. For a short time I had hope that there is good in him, that he can be saved. I was so wrong, I’m ashamed to even think of it.

But here I am, talking to myself on a deserted island, with no human contact."

She climbed off from the rock and sighted. Another day that passed, another thorn in her heart as hope began to fade away. Tomorrow she told herself.

She went inside the cave that once was her master’s chamber and fired up the wood. "Tomorrow."

“There is no emotion, there is peace...

...There is no ignorance, there is knowledge...

...There is no passion, there is serenity...

...There is no chaos, there is harmony...

...There is no death, there is the Force.”

“Beautiful words” she told herself. "Is this like a philosophy or some sort of?"

“Your very first lesson is to learn how to speak properly, apprentice. War, chaos, are no excuse for you as a Jedi. The very first rule is to show respect towards The Light and The Dark.

You represent a new beginning, Rey. The old ways of the Jedi were wrong, for we accused that only a Sith would deal in absolutes but we did the same.

It’s called hypocrisy and we were masters of it.”

“I understand.”

“You don’t. You are just a child with tremendous power. You and Ben are the same. I failed him, but I intend not to fail you as well.”

“You didn’t, Master. Stop blaming yourself for his own mistakes and his own weakness.”

“Your ability to disturb my inner peace with every word you say is fascinating.”

“What do you mean?” Rey was confused, did she say something wrong? “I’m sorry, I didn’t mea…”

“Stop! Listen to yourself, the way you express your thoughts. Do you like it? You rush along your feelings. Breathe. Just breathe...

...You are wise but you need to show it as well when you open up to talk. Choose your words, think before you speak.”

Rey wanted to say something but changed her mind. She didn’t rush anymore to answer him, seeing what he truly meant. Patience and wisdom were the key. She was determined to follow his lead.

“If I am to become a Jedi Master myself, I need to learn to speak like one.” This was her thought only but Luke heard it.

“I am impressed. You are already making progress, child. Good bye for now.”

Rey woke up in the morning almost as tired as when she went to bed. She tried to remember if she dreamt something but she was almost sure it was a dreamless sleep.

"Master Skywalker, please guide me through the Force today." It was like her own prayer but she always hit that silence of uncertainty. Maybe he would answer her one day.

...To be continued...

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