The Loose Floorboards (Pt. 7 Into the Closet)
The Loose Floorboards (Pt. 7 Into the Closet) tlf stories

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The Loose Floorboards (Pt. 7 Into the Closet)

Previously on The Loose Floorboards

"Clearly this house is not something to be messing around with. I say we leave and come back tomorrow, with more supplies, materials, and- most importantly- back up."

"I think I heard something new. Something not on the report."

Charley gets up and sprints up the stairs, leaving her rapier behind.


I found Charley and Andy in a dark room that looks to be a bedroom, only it's empty. My boots leave footprints in the dusty wood floor. This room hasn't been used for years.

Just how long, though, I couldn't say.

"Charley, what are you on? We're all going to get fired!" I said, stomping up beside them. Andy crosses their arms.

"The ol' bloke wouldn't fire ME. I'm too good looking. YOU, maybe..." They say, sneering at me.

Charley runs a hand through her hair. "Guys, you didn't need to follow me."

Andy grins. "I know. And I did it anyway. What was that that Akani called me the other night? Dangerously reckless?"

"An accurate description, of course." I said. They snickered. I walked up to Charley, who was staring at a closet, and placed a hand on her shoulder. "Hey- you okay?"

She stays silent for a moment, then looks up at me. "Sorry, what?"

"I asked if you were okay."

"Oh. Yeah- yeah, I'm fine. I just thought I saw something... I didn't, though. That's not possible." She turns around and starts walking towards the door. "We should get back downstairs."

Andy groans. "Where's the fun in that? Here I was, about to have a grand old time-"

"Guys..." Charley says in a shaky voice. "The door's locked."

Well, that's less than ideal. Actually, that's way less than ideal. There are very few Visitors that can move things, make doors shut. And the ones that can, well...

they're not the best to be hanging around.

Andy curses. "Art! WHY did you shut the door?"

I put my hands up. "It wasn't me, I swear! I never shut a door in a haunted house! That's one of the first rules in the Fittes manual!"

"Oh, sure. Use that hoity-toity language to make me feel dumb. Who else could've shut the door?"

"I dunno! Maybe a-"

"WILL YOU BOTH SHUT UP?!" Charley shouts. We stare at her, silent. She runs a hand through her hair again. "Thank you. We can't argue with each other, we can't let our emotions run high.

Article number 87 in the Fittes manual- Andy I know you've read it- states that when encountering a poltergeist, one must remain quiet, calm, and collected.

Poltergeists are blind, remember? They feed off our emotion and use sound and feelings to find us."

Andy continues to stare at Charley. "Yeah, but how do you know it's a Poltergeist? There are some Specters that can move things."

Noiselessly, Charley points to the lone window. It had a little notch that you flip to open it up. The notch was slowly squeaking back and forward. My stomach tied into knots.

Poltergeists were not something to mess around with. And they certainly weren't good to be in a locked room with.


The notch continued to turn back and forth. Charley wiggled the doorknob again, checking to see if it's unlocked. She shakes her head, then motions to the closet.

Andy and I nod, and we slowly, silently, tip toe over to the closet door.


Charley was the first to reach the closet door. She stood there for a second, staring at the door. Then turned back to us.

Andy rolled their eyes and gestured frantically, telling her to open the door. Charley turned the knob on the closet and winced. I did, too, as did Andy.

CRRREEAAKK! We should've known the closet door was going to make noise. After all, the house has been uninhabited for years, and the Daltons certainly weren't thinking about oiling the hinges.

I looked over at the window. As I expected, the squeaking had stopped. It knew where we were.

Andy and I made no attempt at being silent anymore as we covered the remaining distance between the closet and us. Charley stood by the door, ushering us in.

We crammed into the small space, just barely fitting. First Andy, then me, then Charley. I had to duck my head to fit, and Charley and Andy were pressing into my sides.

Outside the closet, the poltergeist had gone into a massive fit. We could hear floorboards being ripped up from the ground and chucked across the room.

Occasionally, something would hit against the door or rattle the knob. But somehow, miraculously, it stayed outside the closet.

Meanwhile, we stood way too close to each other in our small closet. My neck was starting to hurt from ducking down, and I could feel Andy shuffling beside me.

It was then that I realized they probably had ADD or something, but now was not the time to think about things like that. Charley stood, seemingly entirely calm, still as a statue.

I could hear the voices of the others calling from behind the locked door, but there was no way we were getting to them. There seemed to be no way we would survive this. Andy chuckled.

"Well. This is cozy."

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