i'M wRiTinG a sToRy (and i need characters)
i'M wRiTinG a sToRy (and i need characters) help stories

em_jay_hyde Wilbur Soot? More like daddy...
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I'm writing a somewhat-spooky story about teenagers that fight ghosts, but you guys get to give me characters.

i'M wRiTinG a sToRy (and i need characters)

okay so there's a lot of these already on commaful so you know the drill.

i'm writing a story loosely based off of Lockwood & Co (if you know nothing about L&C that's fine, it's basically a bunch of teenagers fighting ghosts.)

I need characters so I'll put the character slots in

comment or dm me, idc. let me know the character's name (first and last), looks, gender (if you want, sexuality), personality, age, etc.

1. Main Character Narrates the story from their perspective. Must be below 18 years of age. (taken by @goldenflame)

2. Main Supporting Character Best friend (maybe love interest to make things spicy) to the main character. Must be below 18. (taken by @wawa_lover)

3. Main-ish Supporting Characters Need 2 of these, they work along side the two main characters. Must be below 18. @senpaii @kittykatniss

4. Supervisor Keeps all the minors in check Must be above 18 (this is the last one i need!)

5. Villain Head of an opposing company Must be above 18 (Taken by @chopsui)

Aight that's it. There's only about 7 spots for main people, but if I get more I'll find some way to add them in.

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